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Yoga fun!

Hi everyone!
Sarah-Jane here!
Thought I would share with you all a way that I have been getting my exercise indoors and also staying calm and relaxed during this period of uncertainty in our lives..

First I thought I’d share some of the benefits of yoga for both adults and children..


  • increased flexibility
  • builds muscle strength
  • perfects posture
  • increases blood flow


  • Reduce stress
  • reduces anxiety
  • calming effect
  • increase self-awareness
  • helps control breathing

for children:

  • teaches breathing techniques that increase energy and decrease anxiety
  • improves posture, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, strength and motor skills
  • nurtures self esteem and confidence
  • aids better sleep

and not forgetting… ITS GREAT FUN!

i have been using videos on YouTube by just simply typing in “yoga”

even my dog Lola wanted to join in, she’s crazy!

cosmic kids yoga is one the children will be familiar with as we use it in nursery on our interactive board..

Just go to YouTube, type in cosmic kids yoga, and chose your adventure!

Enjoy and have fun everyone, stay safe! See you all soon xxx