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Today a lovely bunch of flowers were handed in so that the ladies and children could enjoy their beauty.

The children suggested that they draw a picture of the lovely flowers. They discussed the colour and the different shapes of the petals, the scent of the flowers and the various sizes of the flower heads.

The children created some fantastic drawings.

Lewis mentioned the rose; he thought it was really nice.


Beautiful Fish

The children are still very interested in the book “The Mermaid’s tail”. They have chatted about the different fish in the book. They decided to use lots of materials and loose parts to create beautiful fish pictures which we call transient art.

Kaile decided to make a blow fish picture.

When Louise described Orla’s picture as “stunning”, Orla asked “Does that mean beautiful”?


Our centre is beginning to feel more lived in as we begin to display the  children’s artwork.  We are keen to display the beautiful pieces that your children have created and Siobhan has begun to use unusual spaces on the walls to do this.

img_3675 img_3674 img_3673 img_3679

The works of art are inspired by the themes of Scotland, Myself and Winter.  We are hoping to enter a national art competition so watch out for news about this in the future.