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The Studio’s Resident Artists

In the studio we have been discovering all about the artist Paul Klee. We had a look at some of his pictures and the children pointed out the colours and shapes they could recognise. He was an artist who used many different media to paint with. He used a wide variety of geometric shapes along with letters and numbers to make playful figures of animals , people and buildings. The children  used marbling inks to make patterns on the paper and then cut up the paper to use in their pictures. They worked well together and discussed what colours they would like to add.

The children also chose to work with chalk pastels, water colour paint and selected some foam and tissue paper to cut up into shapes that they could recognise from his paintings.  The children were developing their fine motor skills whilst using the scissors and glue. We were all very creative and imaginative when producing their own master pieces. Well done. We look forward to discovering how the next artist will inspire us.