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All About Helen

Hi boys and girls!

So today it’s my turn to share a little  bit about myself with you. I was born in the south side of Glasgow and have stayed here ever since.

The picture below is of the day I was born and has my two big sisters visiting me in hospital. I’m sure some of you remember visiting your little brother or sister when they were born too! I look very different to the big lady you see in nursery! My Dad tells me the day they brought me home from hospital I had to sleep in a drawer as they didn’t have a cot for me yet as we’d just moved in!

I was brought up with my two big sisters and my younger brother, you can see us in the picture below.  I bet you are are glad you weren’t born in those times or you might have ended up with bad hair cuts like us!

When we first moved into our house all those years ago it needed a lot of work done to it and my Dad worked through one room at a time. One of my best memories is we had no wall paper in our kitchen so we were allowed to draw on the walls until we got it papered! We had great fun drawing lots of lovely pictures! Can you imagine that, getting to write on your walls?! Although when my Dad went to paper over, the pictures kept showing through the walls so he had to paint over them!!

When I was growing up my favourite holidays were always to a place called Scarborough . And my favourite thing to do there was ride the donkeys on the beach! I wanted to do it all day long and used to nag my Mum and Dad to let me have lots of turns! Here is a picture of me riding my favourite donkey, he was called Scooby Doo! !

I live at home with my dog Bella who is a border terrier. She’s very cute but has a very grumpy face, which you can see below!

One of my favourite times of year is Halloween because as you know boys and girls I love dressing up! Here is a picture of me at Cart Mill in my cowboy and horse costume, do you remember?

Sometimes I like to dress up my dog too but I don’t think she enjoys it as much as me do you? She has her grumpy face on again!

Anyway boys and girls, that’s all from me just now. Missing all your wee faces and can’t wait to see you all again soon. Helen xx

Hello, Hola, Bonjour, G’Day everyone !

Hi everyone Sharon Dobbie here.

Let me tell you a little about myself.

I have been working in Cart Mill Family Centre for just over two years now. I am in the toddler room and I love it!   I have been working in Childcare and Education since 2004.

I was born and raised in Clarkston and went to St Joseph’s Primary School then St Ninians High School. I  went to Williamwood High School in 5th year. I was brought up with My mum, dad and my little sister Carole who now lives in New Zealand and is an Anaesthetist.  Although  she lives at the other side of the world we are still very close. I still live in Clarkston and lucky enough to look out onto the farm and fields everyday.

I have had many jobs in my life a Dental nurse, an Estate agent, a tour operator, administrator to mention a few but my passion is definitely working with children.

I met my husband Allan in 2006 and we finally got married in 2015.

I have 3 children Marc, Erin and Jamie and I’m very proud of my babies.

My other passion in life is travelling abroad and I am very lucky that I go abroad every year. I have been to many countries including, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Dubai, Mexico, Spain, Greece, France, Italy and regularly travel to Majorca and Gran Canaria.  Every school holiday is an opportunity to travel abroad, I love the sunshine ☀️ and the sound of the sea 🌊, my children love the swimming pool and we love to spend quality time as a family. 🏝✈️☀️

This year as we are not able to travel we have been busy upgrading our garden and the house and have lots of projects to do which will keep us busy during the holidays. We have been enjoying the sunshine  ☀️ in our back garden and eating lots of bbq’s.

I like to run 🏃‍♀️ to keep fit and run for charity in 10k events. I haven’t done much running recently although we do go for long walks daily.  Time to think about getting fit again !

I am missing everyone at Cart Mill and hope you are all keeping well and staying safe.  Look forward to seeing you all soon.
Sharon  xx 🌈😘

Did you know about Jo

Did you all know that I am one of four sisters. I’m the beauty on the left.😬

When I was in my early twenties I travelled far and wide, this was in the days before face time and email had even been invented (probably giving away my age here) I went to Australia a couple of times, the first time was for a year so of course my mum and dad had to  come out four weeks after me to make sure I was “ok” (cramping my style). I had a great time there and would probably still be there if it wasn’t so far and I hadn’t become an auntie to three beautiful boys (twins and a singleton)  so unfortunately for my parents I kept coming back like a bad penny.

I trained and qualified as a driving instructor, it didn’t last long, too scary, my nerves couldn’t handle it.

Last week we added to our family with the addition of my puppy, his name is Buster, he is a cavapoo and the smallest ball of fur with a great big personality (the breeder did tell me he was “very confident “)

He is so much fun🐶. I was going to upload a video of him but unfortunately I am not tech savvy  – shh don’t tell the other ladies they think I’m brilliant.😂

Please all stay safe, keep washing your hands and we will all see each other soon ❤️🌈xx

All about me ………

Hi , Cheryl here I hope you are all well and finding lots of new things to do. Most of you will know that I work in the toddler room and have been there for nearly 2 years now. I grew up in Ayr where my parents had a hotel, then moved to Mearns I went to Kirkhill Primary School and then Mearns Castle High School after that I went straight to Langside College to to my NNEB in childcare. I have three  great children 1 girl and 2 boys and 1 fabulous grandson Dylan. Our life’s seem to have revolved around animals 2 of my children work for the SSPCA animal charity and my youngest lives and works as a gamekeeper in Fort William. I have a brilliant mum and dad and a brother and sister and 5  nephews and we have great family events including holidays and bbqs . I hope you like the photos that I have for you which are of the animals that we see and help look after at the animal centre. At the moment they have over 160 animals in their care and any help is always welcome . Keep safe and well and see you all soon.

Meet Emma

Hi everyone.  My name is Emma.  I am 34 and I live in Busby. I stay right next to Cart Mill so it’s easy for me to walk to work each day. I’ve just joined the team at Cart Mill in February. I’m looking forward to going back and getting to know everyone again when it’s safe and lock down is over. I’ve still been working in the hub so it’s been nice getting to see some of the children and staff.

Ive been working in nurseries since I was 16. Last year I finished my Childhood Practice Degree and got to graduate.  Although I had very big heels on my shoes and had to cross a big stage to collect my certificate without falling over. My degree took four years of going to uni each Tuesday night while still working in nursery full time. This always resulted in me leaving all my homework and assessment to to the last minute.

I love to read books. When I was little I used to love to go to Busby library and choose books to take home. My favourites used to be called “the baby sitters club”  this could be where I got the inspiration to follow a career in childcare from. I used to want to be a writer and would always make up my own books. Even now in nursery I enjoy creating new stories and making up new songs.

I have 3 pets in my house. I have Draco and Lola my two cats. They love to get lots of attention . They both fight over who gets to sit in their favourite spot on the windowsill.  I also have my dog Olly. He is a Lhasa Apso and is 7.  He is like my shadow and follows me every where I go, he even likes to sleep beside me at night.  He is a bit cheeky and likes to chase the cats, which makes the cats very cross.

Olly has very long hair and needs to see a dog groomer to get cut so he doesn’t get too hot. Because he can’t see one just now I had to give him a DIY haircut but a dog groomer I am not and have left him looking a little patchy. Hopefully he can get it fixed soon.  I also am looking forward to seeing the hairdressers because my hair is beginning to change colour at the top.

I also live my my Son Ryan. He has just had his 18th birthday in lockdown. But we still managed to have a good day celebrating with lots of cake and juice. He is looking forward to seeing all his friends again and celebrating with them.  Ryan has been enjoying his time off school and has been playing lots of games on his PlayStation but sometimes he’s gets a little row for being too grumpy when he doesn’t win his football game.

I love the sunshine and going on sunny holidays. My favourite place to go is Cyprus. I love to sit on the beach with my eyes closed and listen to the sounds of the sea.  It makes me feel calm and happy. When I’m not working in the hub or doing my work from home I like to take the olly dog his walks, sometimes  Draco cat comes too. I also like to sit in the sun in the garden but am silly and sometimes forget my sun cream and end up looking a little bit like a lobster. Hope you all remember to wear suncream on hot days.

Really missing being at nursery and can’t wait to get back and see you all. Take care love Emma x



Getting to know Carly

Hi everyone, its Carly here!

I have loved reading all the ladies blogs and getting to know more about my team, so now I am going to tell you some things that you may not know about me.

I was born on 19th June 1998 in the Royal Alexander Hospital in Paisley and was brought up by my Mum (Michelle) and My Dad (Mark) in a town called Barrhead. When I was 3 years old my little brother Stephen was born, he isn’t so little anymore. Two years after that my little sister was born. We are a close family but I am particularly close with my dad.

My dad and I often go out for lunch together when we are both off work.  My dad drops me off at work and picks me up again because I dont drive, my mum says he spoils me (I was doing driving lessons but I have failed my theory test 6 times ,so I have taken a break from the lessons.) I even went on a tour of my dads favourite football club with him, even though I am not a fan.

I started St Marks Primary school in 2003 and moved on to St Luke’s High school in 2010.

I got my first Job in November 2015 in Frankie and Benny’s (Silverburn).  My job was to clean and set the tables in the restaurant for new customers to come in and when I was old enough I was trained as a bartender, I worked here for 3 years.

At the end of May 2016, a few weeks before my 18th Birthday I had surgery to re align my jaw (Yuck) as I had a huge underbite that affected the way I ate and said certain words. This meant I was unable to celebrate my 18th birthday because my face was so swollen I couldn’t eat or talk for about 8 weeks while I recovered. After my surgery no one I knew recognised me, even my school teachers, apparently I looked like a totally different person.

I have been with my amazing boyfriend Michael for nearly 3 years now, although we were friends for a few years before that. After a year together we moved into out own little flat. We are now saving up to buy our own house.

I qualified in 2018 after a 2 year Modern Apprenticeship with East Renfrewshire council. After qualifying I got a job with MACS (Mearns after school care) but only worked there for 3 months before I took on a temporary job as a PSA in Carlibar Nursery. When my contract ended I took on a few supply shifts in Cart Mill funnily enough. I then had an interview and got offered a job in Cart Mill where I started in August 2019 and met all of you.

During my free time I enjoy going out for family dinners and going to the cinema. I decided to buy a Cineworld unlimited card, so I often go a few times a week to see a movie and sometimes even 2 in one day.

My favourite holiday destination at the moment is Benidorm where me and Michael went our first holiday together. We had planned to go back this year in the middle of May but under the circumstances it had to be cancelled.  Like Sarah Jane, Luss is also one of my favourite places to go to, my Gran and Grandad live in Luss and we often spend Christmas time there, It is beautiful.

I hope you are all having a great time at home with your families and i’m looking forward to seeing everyone again.  Remember to keep in touch through our twitter, I have loved seeing what you have all been up to.

Time to meet Fiona M

Hi everyone, its Fiona here, I started in Cart Mill last September. So,let me tell you a little bit about myself and things I have done before I started at Cart Mill.

I grew up in Nertherlee with my Mum, Dad and two sisters, one of which is my twin sister. I went to Nertherlee Primary school and then the old Williamwood High School (Oops giving away my age a little there). I wonder how many of you are going to Netherlee Primary this year?
Here is me in my first day of school

I have a huge passion for travel and have independently travel around the world twice, visiting over 30 countries. People often ask what is your favourite country? That is a hard question. I loved every bit of it from the mountains, wildlife and different cultures to the beautiful beaches.

Some of my Highlights would be
Sandboarding in the Nambia desert
Trekking to Machu Pichu in Peru
Discovering sloths in the wild in Costa Rica
Strolling through the old town of Cartagena in Colombia
Looking after Lions, sloths and Giant Galapagos tortoise in Ecuador
Salt flats that boarder Chile and Bolivia
Swimming with turtles in Mexico
Trekking though the Himalayas in Nepal
Relaxing on a beautiful private deserted island for the day in Nicaragua
Spotting lions, cheetahs, elephants and giraffes on a safari in Kenya.

Im sure I could name another 10 things easily but don’t want to bore you.

My dream job would be travelling the world as an animal photographer (if I was any good at photography)

After travelling around the first time my husband and I decided that as we survived 14months together we could survive marriage. We got married in 2011 then decided to go traveling again in 2013. This time in the hope of finding somewhere to live.

While travelling my husband and I lived in New Zealand for 2 ½ years. There we managed a hostel, which was a great job meeting lots of different people from all over the world, but I much prefer looking after 0-5 rather than 18-30 year olds.

Since coming home we have started our own wee family. I have a son who is 2 years old and is now my whole world. My little boy Arlo is very unique and has had a bit of a tough start in life having had five operations already. Amongst other things, he was born premature and has an extremely rare genetic condition which is so rare it doesn’t have a name, you are simply given the co-ordinates of his gene deletion. It affects around 1 in 200 million people and, as far as we know, there is just one other child in the UK with a similar condition. As you can imagine, with it being so rare, there is still a lot that is unknown about it but it can affect his heart, lungs, kidneys, immune system, his airways and his learning development. He is also moderately deaf and wears hearing aids. He is a very smiley, tough little guy and I couldn’t be prouder of him as he battles through his obstacles. Recently he just started understanding and using sign language which is making a big difference.

Without the support from our NHS this would have been an even tougher time. To give something back and to say thank you, last year my husband organised and created a crazy event where he and his work colleges walked 40 miles in one day along the west highland way. Myself and some family also joined in, but started halfway walking 20 miles. I’m incredibly proud of all his hard work raising a whopping £20,000 for the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity. The charity help give parents and children the support they need when going through tough times

Clapping for the carers

I hope to see you all soon. X

All about Eilidh…..

Hi everyone, I’m Eilidh. I started at Cart Mill at the end of January and have now been working in lockdown for as long as I was at the centre!

So here are some, hopefully interesting, facts about me….

I grew up in Clarkston with my Mum, Dad and older brother, Scott. I attended Carolside Primary then Williamwood, same as some of the children from Cart Mill will do, although, I finished high school over twenty years ago so it was the old Williamwood! Since leaving school I have completed an HNC and a BA in childhood studies and have worked in early years since 2004. 

I then had a minor mid life crisis at the age of thirty and decided I needed a change. After a quick google of nursery jobs abroad, I ended up moving to Milan.

I worked as team leader of the kindergarten in the international school and absolutely loved my time there. The people, the language, the food and, of course, the Prosecco 🥂😁 I enjoyed travelling and visited many beautiful places such as Florence, Venice and Rome but Sardinia was definitely my favourite and is now my retirement plan!

In 2015 I met my now husband at a friends wedding and after 3 and a half wonderful years in Italy I moved back to Glasgow to be with Pete. We got married at the September weekend last year at The House for an Art Lover and had an amazing day shared with our friends and family.

We live in Clarkston with our two year old twins, Tommy and Alex, who also attend Cart Mill, and love exploring the nearby areas with the boys, as you will have seen in previous blogs.

As much I loved my life in Italy I think my life is pretty good now!

Looking forward to seeing everyone again after lockdown! Hope you are all safe and well x

Getting to know Sarah

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having lots of fun at home.

This is my lockdown clan, my husband Cormac, Oscùr & Harley, my 2 dogs which I know plenty of you have heard about and some have even met them at Rouken Glen. They have been my wee sidekicks following me everywhere. I’m not sure they will cope when things are back to normal, I might have to bring them to nursery with me.

I am originally from Antrim in Northern Ireland and I first moved to Scotland for University and lived in Stirling, studying Economics…just a slight career change. I moved back permanently nearly 4 years ago after living in London for a few years, I wasn’t the shopping, city girl I used to think I was.

Although I’m always cold, winter is my favourite season. A few years ago I went to Lapland, it was beautiful with snow past my knees and very cold -18° and I was told it gets as cold as -34°, sometimes colder. When I was there I met Santa, Mrs Clause and their reindeer!

Reindeer shed their antlers and in Finland they use them to make things, the hotel reception and restaurant had beautiful lights made from antlers
Reindeer shed their antlers and in Finland they use them to make things, like these beautiful chandeliers.


Oscùr & Harley get their breakfast at 7am and don’t like to wait, if they are really hungry and I’m not up yet Harley will bark so I don’t forget about them . So in the mornings I have time to make yummy breakfasts, I’ve used lots of different pancake recipes and my favourite one is carrot cake pancakes. I’ve also made lots of cookies & brownies, not for breakfast though!

My dad is the caretaker of a primary school, 5 years ago my dad noticed a duck had her ducklings in an empty courtyard. He makes them different sized swimming pools so they can still learn to swim, making them bigger as they grow and feeds them lots of food. They are very smart because when they hear the school alarm they run to the windows knowing he is coming to give them some food. Mummy duck has came back every year since, some times they don’t want to leave when they are big enough and stay in the school visiting the boys & girls in the playground 😊

Take care & stay safe, missing you all and can’t wait until we are able to go back to Cart Mill 💕


Getting to know Iona Mitchell


Hi everyone I miss you all and hope you are all safe and well.

Here is a little more information about me to help you get to know me better.  I’m from Neilston and was born in 1979, I have a younger brother called Ross and a sister called Ailie we are a close family and very supportive of each other which is lovely . I came back into Child Care and education after bringing my family up, my eldest is seventeen.  I have worked with children all of my life and I really missed it. I was over the moon when I got a permanent job at Cart Mill family centre in January.

I’m married to James we were married at Eastwood house in 2001.

Do you like our farm themed cake? It has our house in the middle, our neighbour made it for us. Our honeymoon was in Cala d’Or Majorca  we have been back to Majorca many times James likes to drive around the island and explore it.

James and I have three children Jennifer Jamie and Rae. The top photo is us at North  Berwick we quite often go for a week in the summer with my parents. I have booked again for July hopefully we will get to go.🤞

Rae who is 9 likes to help out on the farm by collecting the eggs feeding the chickens  he even sometimes does a bit of tractor washing with the power cleaner. I think a bit of responsibility is good for him though he draws the line at helping to lamb a sheep.😂

We are very fortunate to live in the countryside I love going for long walks with my Collie dog Gael .  On the farm just now we have lots of foals being born it is also calving time though that’s definitely more my husbands department. I like to read non fiction books and autobiography’s. The last pop star I went to see was Shawn Mendes at the hydro, He was very good though I did feel a bit old sitting in between hoards of screaming  girls.

This is Jennifer my eldest we have miniature Shetland ponies she has won many prizes showing them.