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We can make patterns!

As our numeracy focus this term is patterns,  children used transient art with pom poms to copy and complete a simple pattern.

To provide challenge for the children, we introduced tweezers for them to pick up the pom poms.  This helps to develop their pincer grip and fine motor control.

”this pattern is green and pink”
”this one is quite tricky but i can do it”

”I can make this pattern, pink, yellow”

O’ Christmas Tree, O’ Christmas Tree

Christmas is in full swing at Cart Mill, the children have been very busy using lollipop sticks to make colourful Christmas Trees. They have been sorting their sticks into sizes and discussing the colours they have picked. Everyone said their favourite part was sprinkling the glitter over the finished tree!

“The glue looks like snow”
“This stick is the biggest”
“I like the red stick”
“The glue is sticky”

Counting Fun!

We had great fun in the numeracy area with lots of Christmas themed counting experiences to explore!

We looked at the numbers on the baubles and decorated the tree sequencing the numbers in the right order. We started with 0 and ordered them up to 12.


We explored using loose parts to decorate the trees and counted how many decorations we had used.


Lastly we were developing our fine motor skills by making snowmen.We had to use the tweezers to pick up the cotton balls. and put them into the bottles.

When it was full, the bottle turned white to make it look like snow!

Celebrating Scotland

With St Andrew’s Day looming, we have been looking at our Scottish heritage and what could be more Scottish than shortbread? The children loved mixing the butter, sugar and flour together before rolling it out and cutting it into perfect shortbread rounds. No matter what the weather, Cart Mill’s garden is always a busy, productive place to be!

It’s like snow.
The dough feels sticky.
Rolling out our dough.
It is a circle.
We need to cook our shortbread
Yum yum!

Mud, mud, glorious mud!

What a perfect day for some cooking in the mud kitchen. Rain never dampens the children’s spirit at Cart Mill. The girls thought it was the ideal day to go for a walk down our river before measuring out and weighing the water and mud.

The pond is very deep today.
The water is up to my knees!
Going for a river walk.
It’s delicious!
Who would like some soup?

It needs to be just right!
Measuring the ingredients…

the mud for their homemade mud soup!

How do we know what size of shoe to wear?

One of our children had asked the question – How do we know what size of shoe to wear?

First of all we explored what size our shoes were.  We checked on the bottom and inside our shoes and found our sizes on the inside.

We learned that we have to measure our feet as they grow to make sure we have the right sized shoe!

We used the shoe chart to measure how tall our feet are.

Then we used the measuring tape to see how wide they were.


Making fire while the sun shines

Following yesterday’s wet weather cooking, the children were really keen to cook outdoors again today especially as the sun was shining. We looked at all the ingredients that we had and we decided that pancakes would be a great thing to cook. The girls and boys counted the eggs and weighed the flour and sugar, then mixed it in to a lovely batter. We are so lucky to have a new griddle pan that fits on the fire and it cooked our pancakes perfectly.

“We need two eggs”
“We need to mix the eggs”
My pancake is happy!
I can see bubbles.

Halloween Baking

The children have been baking fairy cakes for Halloween following on from. our observations of them during play.   The children were engaged in pretend play making food and snacks and serving them at a table. The baking experience includes learning to count portions and making the  portions equal or the same. They are also learning to follow a recipe when cooking.