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Today the toddlers had fun investigating shapes.

They were using the coloured lollipop sticks to make squares, rectangles and triangles!

They were identifying the different colours of sticks, concentrating on making their own shapes and filling the shapes on the floor with the lollipop sticks creating patterns.

Baking gingerbread houses!!

Today in the toddler room the children were baking gingerbread houses. Firstly, they weighed out the ingredients to make the gingerbread. Everyone loved the smell of the ginger and the nutmeg!! “It smells spicey!” We enjoyed mixing all the ingredients together in the bowl and poured it into the baking trays. Once the gingerbread was ready the children used their concentration skills to decorate the house using icing, adding sprinkles and sweeties! We had a taste at snack time at said it was YUMMY!!

Yummy chocolate brownies!!

Today the children enjoyed making some chocolate brownies. The children were exploring the numbers on the scales through discussions with their peers and started to predict how much butter they would need to use to get the correct consistency to bake our brownies.

“I need a little bit more I think”

“That’s lots of sugar”

“I’m Folding the flower into the chocolate”

“This smells so yummy, I can’t wait to eat it”

Jack and the Beanstalk

The children have been learning about Jack and the Beanstalk and constructing their own beanstalk with the building blocks. They have been exploring numbers on the leaves of the beanstalk and are beginning to understand that they represent quantities. They are also beginning to recognise the numbers and sort them in order .

                                                         “The giant climbed to top”

                                         “Number 2”

                                                “Fee Fi Fo Fum”

                                                         “I can make 10 blocks