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Number Line

Today the boys and girls were learning about number. They were exploring the numbers 0-10, talking about how the number 0 is the first number and how we can sometimes forget that one!

Using our bodies to move along the number line, we started at 0 and then jumped. The challenge was to see what number we could land on. some children can  jump to number 5! Some children started jumping and sliding to see if they could reach number 10 that way.

Bradley said “I had fun jumping to 4”.



The children were busy playing with the large wooden dominoes and while we discussed our learning plans the children decided that they would like to make their own.  Bilal, one of our students, helped the children to do this.

The children drew the spots onto the domino shapes then colored them in with felt tip pens. We made our very own dominoes!

They used play dough to cover the spots as they counted the dots.

Matthew commented that he liked to play with his own dominoes. Pippa said “I have six spots on my dominoes.”

Measuring length

The children have been learning about “actual” sizes of objects and animals, and measuring and comparing results of their observations. Today the focus was on length. Unfortunately I cannot share photos today. Our learning blog is updated daily, and as a result we have used up all our storage space for photographs.

I hope that this issue will be resolved soon.

Number Jumping

During Maths Week Scotland the children investigated how far they could jump and what number they would land on.  they drew lines on the ground and numbered them 1 to 5.

The children were challenged to jump as far as they could and then call out the number – 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5!  They had fun trying over and over again to beat their number.

Jade said “This time I’m going to jump all the way to number 5!” and Sophia told everyone proudly “I jumped to number 3”.

Measuring Elephants

On Day 4 of Maths Week Scotland the children are still intrigued by the book “Actual Size”.

Today they investigated how many square wooden blocks would  it take to fill the shape of an elephant’s foot?


Next the children suggested that they measure the great white shark’s tooth but the wooden blocks were too big so they suggested buttons.

I love the children’s creativity skills in this experience and their engagement in learning – well done girls and boys!

Problem Solving in the Mud

Our children love to play in the mud and that’s where the problem begins.  The children noticed right away that the puddles in the garden had got bigger in just one day and they knew this was because it had been raining,

They were troubled  that the puddle was so deep it meant that the muddy water was rising above the top of their wellies – this was a problem!

The children worked it out for themselves that if they started to lift some of the muddy water out then the puddle level would decrease and they would not have to worry about it reaching over their wellies.

Much to everyone’s delight with teamwork they worked it out and the mud play continued. Mud glorious mud!

Maths Week Scotland

We are taking part in Maths Week Scotland which runs from 11th to 17th September.   This is the first year of the Scottish Government initiative which wants everyone in Scotland to see maths in a positive light.

We have got the week off to a great start.  On Monday, the children were introduced to a book by the author Steve Jenkins called ‘Actual size’.  The book features animals both large and small at their actual size and if they are just too big for the pages then a piece of their body at actual size is used.  It’s a brilliant and beautiful book that has captured the excitement of our children as you will see in the images below.

Louise read the story to a very interested group.

Then the children got a copy of the actual size of a gorilla’s hand.  They measured it and then drew round their own hand and compared it to the gorilla’s.

Innes, one of the toddlers joined in with the measuring.

The children were pleased and amazed at the difference in sizes.

Today the children heard about the saltwater crocodile, the world’s largest reptile and a man-eater.  He measures 23 feet or approximately 7 metres long.  The children drew their own saltwater crocodile, 7 metres long and painted it green – fantastic and scary!

Fantastic work!


Stephanie discussed with the children what they would like to play with at the play dough. Lewis decided that he would like to play with the dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs were collected and children immediately began to make eggs. Stephanie asked the children what size the eggs were; small, medium or large. The children collected small pebbles and Callum decided that the pebbles would be food. We all counted how much food we would need to feed the dinosaurs.


Building Houses

Recently, the children have been building houses. They chatted about the different types of homes, the sizes and the shapes of the homes that they and their families live in. They then chose some resources to create a house.

They used wooden blocks and lollipop sticks. They also decided to use the playdough as the cement to hold their models together.

Once the children had investigated the various building materials they sorted the shapes that they needed to create a house.


This week the children have been exploring shapes; how they fit together and construction techniques.

The children used lollypop sticks to create pictures of familiar structures; some made pictures of their house. They used building blocks and outdoor spare parts to create 3D models and towers.

They then went out for a walk in the local community to have a look at all the different buildings.

The children found some fantastically different buildings, particularly the local church; the children commented that the church looked like a very old building and that it has a clock in the big high tower, we have a new family centre.

When the children found all the local buildings the checked them off their list and then drew a picture of their favorite.