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Get to know Linzi a little bit more…

Hi everyone!

I’m missing you all ❤️ I hope you are having fun at home and I’m looking forward to hearing about what you have all been up to.

Today its my turn to let you know a little bit about my life.  I was born and bred in Glasgow, raised by my Mum and Dad.  I have a little brother who is turning 30 next week, I’ll leave my age to your imagination 😉

This is me with my Gran she was a huge part of my life growing up.

I’ve been trained by a Michelin star chef (although I’m sure my husband would disagree 🙈) and also spent a week working in Florence, Italy in restaurants when I was in 5th year in school.

I met my husband on holiday in Magaluf (nope not romantic at all 🙈) when I was 19. We had a long distance relationship before he moved up here. One of his brothers live up here too and is married to one of my friends. His Mum moved up a few years ago to Paisley so she could see her grandchildren more.

My husband is called Kirk and he is Welsh. We often travel down to see our family who live in North Wales, we have a little neice down there who we really miss.

Kirk loves his rugby and Keir plays too, he goes to Rugbytots.

We got married in a barn in Shropshire, it was an empty canvas so every detail of our day had to be either hired in or made by us. I spent the day before we got married decorating our venue, Pimhill Barn and its grounds. I loved both our families and friends getting to be together as we all lived so far apart and Kirk loved the hogroast 🤣

I have 2 children – Seren (its Welsh), 9 and Keir 3.  Seren is very artistic, she loves to draw, paint and create things, a positive from being at home more means she had got to spend more time on this skill and lots of family and friends are getting some nice artwork👌.  Seren is like a mini me sometimes although I don’t know if that is necessarily a good thing 🤣. Keir keeps me on my toes and is definitely a little comedian… I’m dreading him going to school as I think he will be the class clown 🙈

After leaving Cartmill I spend most of my nights and weekends taking my daughter to dance class. She absolutely adores it and is still taking online classes to keep fit and learn new routines.

Our family love Disney (just like a few of my Cartmill colleagues) Orlando is our happy place.  We love all the rides, even Keir is a little dare devil who puts his hands up in the air and shouts at everyone else to do the same, even strangers 🤣  I love all the yummy food too and always indulge when I’m there 😋 My favourite character is Stitch who is yours?  We love the magic it brings and the memories its allowed us to make. I can’t wait to go back again (hopefully next year).

I’ve had a million and one hair colours over the years, these are a few I could find 🤣 I’ve went darker since being away from Cartmill and contemplating going another colour soon (the things we get up to for entertainment on lockdown eh?)

My best friends are girls I went to secondary school with, 2 of these girls I’ve actually known since nursery! So you never know in years to come you may still be friends with children from Cartmill ❤️ People find it so strange when I tell them as there is quite a big group of us who are all still in contact.  Its been lovely and I feel blessed as we’ve all watched each other grow up, start careers, get married, have children and much more. I’m missing them all at the moment – just as I’m sure you are all missing your friends – but we keep in touch on the phone and through social media and have quiz nights to keep us connected.

I love going to the gym and mainly lift weights, I normally go before I come to Cartmill but I’m having to make do with body weight workouts at home just now. I also love hillwalking and going on big walks. I love doing various fitness challenges like, bubble rush, tough mudder and the Kiltwalk and I’m always keen to give a new challenge a bash. I love the rush I get from exercising and definitely can’t wait to get back to the gym.

I thought i’d end this with a little video which will tell you a little bit more about me but from my daughter Seren’s view.  Don’t laugh too much now🙈 btw I disagree with some of her opinions 😂😂😂

Take care, stay safe and I will hopefully see you all soon ❤️


Developing fine motor skills at home…

Hi!  It’s Linzi here today, I’m missing you all ❤ but my kids are definitely keeping me on my toes and I’m sure your parents will be feeling the same.

In some of our recent blogs my colleagues have spoken about different activities to promote gross motor skills – which relate to large body movements and are controlled by large muscle groups, e.g. climbing, jumping, running.  Learning to move is important for children, it enables them to become more independent, make their own choices and learn about the world around them.

Today I thought I’d give some information about fine motor skills and show you some activities I’ve been doing at home with my 3 year old to help support his fine motor dexterity.

Fine motor skills begin from early childhood and develop continuously throughout life, it involves the small muscles in the hands and fingers working in synchronisation, this is also essential for hand and eye coordination.  Children begin by grabbing at larger objects and then slowly develop their movements to involve more define hand and eye coordination.  Effective fine motor skills are important in order carry out everyday activities such as eating, writing, buttoning clothes, tying shoelaces, turning pages, using computer keyboards and much more.

Below I’ve shared some play activities I’ve been doing with Keir, he’s had fun doing them and they all promote fine motor skill development.

Using tongs to move cotton wool into a bowl
Small world play with dinosaurs in a homemade habitat
Putting cereal on spaghetti sticks held in place by playdough
Pegs with letters written on them to attach to the corresponding letter on the cardboard
Painting outdoors with water
Threading pipe cleaners through a colander
Using fingers to mark make in rice
Paint sealed inside a zip lock bag to allow mark making using a cotton bud

These are all really simple to set up play activities using items we already have at home, if you have a go don’t forget to tweet or email us a photo. We all love seeing what you are getting up to at home with your families.

Stay safe, love and hugs,

Linzi xxx



Rainbow science with Linzi 🌈

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all well. I’m missing your wee faces and funny stories ❤️

Today I’ve been trying out some rainbow science with my kids, Seren and Keir.  I know how much the children at Cart Mill love our science investigations so, here are 2 easy ones to try at home with everyday items.

Seren got a sheet of kitchen roll and drew on it with different coloured pens – she did shapes to add a bit of numeracy into this activity – then she drew over them with black ink.

Pop it on a tray as you are about to get messy 

Keir used a spray bottle to squirt water on the shapes (good for fine motor skill development) however you can use anything so long as your wee one can drip water onto each shape.

What colour will appear?

Just like magic, every spray revealed a colour. The paper absorbed the water, moving the colour with it.  Keir enjoyed it so much we did it again with faces.

Next we tried to grow our own rainbow. Seren got another bit of kitchen roll and drew rainbow colours on each end.

She placed it into an arch shape using two cups and tried to guess what would happen. Keir poured water into each cup.

Good for hand-eye co-ordination

We watched as our rainbow grew 🌈

Look at those colours

Keir was able to relate what happened back to our previous activity and he understood the “water maked it move”.

Why don’t you guys give this a go at home and tweet us a picture of your rainbow science 🌈

Take care and stay safe, Linzi x


What will happen?

Happy Valentine’s Day to our Cart Mill Family!

We have been doing Valentine themed activities this week and finding out what the day means to the children.

In the science corner we’ve kept to our theme to help us explore what happens when we put paper into water. We learned new vocabulary and discussed hypothesis.

We started with paper hearts
Then folded them up

We tried to guess what would happen when we put our folded hearts into water…there were lots of fabulous theories; “it’ll change colour”, “it’ll explode”, “it’ll sink”, “ it’ll get sugary, break apart”

We placed them into water and waited to see what would happen

The paper opened back up into a heart shape.  We discussed why this happened – the paper absorbed the water causing the fibres in to paper to expand and push the paper apart.  One child asked if there was more water would it sink.  So we decided to find out and added a bowl that was deeper.  Again we tried to guess what would happen. “It’ll sink” “it’ll float” “it’ll make waves”

We discussed the difference between shallow and deep; “sink means you fall under the water”, “float is staying on the top”

Again the paper opened up “it’s opened up because we drop it in” one child exclaimed.  Another child agreed saying “yes because we put it into the wet”.

The children clapped when the heart opened up

The children continued to explore this for the rest of the morning.

Rainy day fun

Watering the flowers at the mud cafe


This afternoon was definitely a day for the ducks but that didn’t stop the children of Cartmill embracing the rainfall.  We donned our puddle suits and wellies and went into our garden to have fun.

Splashing in the puddles

We developed our gross motor skills and used our co-ordination to splash in the puddles. We discussed the size of the splashes we made  “that was a big one”.

Finding objects to jump from

We tried jumping from different heights to see if we could make bigger puddles.

Making “tea” in the mud cafe

We used our imagination and developed our hand-eye co-ordination making “tea” in the mud cafe.

Lots of fun and learning no matter what the weather.


Ice Science

This morning the children set up an experiment to explore the effects different materials would have on ice “It’s cold” .

Pouring in bicarbonate of soda

They added room temperature water, salt and bicarbonate of soda to separate bowls of ice and guessed what would happen. “It melts with salt because one day my Mum put salt on ice and it melt so fast” .

Casting our vote

We used counters to record what we thought, “soda will melt”.

Using our magnifying glass to get a closer look

The children watched and waited to see what would happen “it’s melting and filling up, it might go over”

The children used descriptive language to explain what they saw “the purple one is bumpy” and “The green one is smooth”.

Look what happened

The water melted the ice fastest today but the salt was a close second.

Power of Attraction

Today some of the children spent their time investigating magnets. They had fun exploring which items were magnetic. They discussed the items with each other and tried to guess which ones would “stick” before testing their theory out.

After a while, they noticed that when two magnets were put together they either “stick together” or were “pushing away”. We discussed poles and how magnets attract or repel each other. They tried different shapes of magnets to see if the same thing happened.