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Train Track

This morning in the Discovery room the children asked if they could get the train track out. Using their fine motor skills the children worked together to build the train track. One child asked if they could build a really big track so we moved the table to create a large open space for the children to extend the track as large as possible .

When the track was complete, another child asked if they could build bridges around the track.  Using their gross motor skills, the children chose a variety of different sized blocks to create bridges around the track.

Incorporating technology into the play, we turned on the promethean board and played the noise of steam trains chugging along and sounding their horn.

Everybody had great fun pulling along the trains and cars on the track and pushing them under the bridges.

Tinker Table Workbench

Over the last few months the children in the Discovery room have been practising their skills at the Tinker Table work bench.  The children have learned the rules of the Tinker Table and why these rules are very important to follow for their safety.  They created a rule book for the Tinker Table work bench to encourage them and others to put on gloves and safety goggles when using the tools in the tool box.

The children have been learning to use hammers and saws properly as well as learning that there are different types of saws and hammers used for different jobs.  The claw hammer has been popular for creating pieces using nails as well as the children learning that the claw can remove nails. The children’s saw skills have really flourished as they now know how to hold the hacksaw properly and use their body weight to make the saw move through the wood.

With the children’s skills improving at the work bench so too did their understanding of how to better construct their creations. The children decided that they wanted to introduce glue to the Tinker Table and with that came wonderfully creative pieces.

The children have now progressed on to drawing a plan first of what they would like to create. They are looking online at images, drawing it, then thinking of how to create it with the resources at the Tinker Table.

A wonderful plan producing a fabulous rocket.

The children’s pieces have all been displayed in the Tinker Table Gallery for several months now. The children decided that they wanted to close the gallery in December and take their exhibits home to stay.  I hope you are looking forward to seeing how creative your child has been at the Tinker Table workbench this year.

A Rainbow in a Jar 🌈

This morning in the Discovery room the children wanted to do a science experiment exploring liquid. The name of the experiment was Rainbow 🌈 in a jar and the learning intention for the children was to be introduced to the concept of density of liquids.

4 liquids were used which were all of different densities.  They included golden syrup, fairy liquid, oil and water. The children then had a discussion as to which liquid had the ‘thickest density’. They correctly named the golden syrup to be the first liquid in the jar.

The golden syrup was then poured into the jar followed by the fairy liquid, water and oil. A rainbow effect was then created in the jar. The children enjoyed naming the colours of the liquids and especially watching each coloured liquid sit on top of each other.

One child then asked what would happen if the jar was turned upside down. We all watched when the jar was turned upside down and watched all the colours merge together and a nice turquoise colour was created. However our experiment concluded that once the jar had been shaken that the liquids would not go back to their original layers straight away but instead stay mixed up together. Over several hours the liquids separated again.

The children enjoyed their rainbow in a jar science experiment, why don’t you try it at home with your little one.

Bubbling Witches Brew

This morning in the Discovery room there was a spooky Halloween science experiment going on. The children had all expressed an interest in concocting a witches brew so we all put on our witches hats and got to work.

The learning experience behind this fun activity was to introduce the children to weighing and measuring as well as continue our learning of colours and numbers. The children had to weigh out their ingredients and listen and follow verbal instructions.

The children’s fine motor skills were tested whilst using tea spoons and pipettes to get very small quantities of ingredients for their brew.

Lots of fun was had watching the children’s reactions when the chemicals came together and caused a bubbling sensation of colourful foam.

Why not try making Witches brews or potions at home with your little wizard or witch.

Super Science!

This morning in the Discovery room the boys and girls took part in a science experiment. This experience was to introduce the children to the mathematical concept of volume. Within this experience some children practised their measuring skills, while others were encouraged to share  their knowledge of primary colours and what happens when you mix colours together.

Some of the children have been exploring 3D shapes  and shared their knowledge by discussing what 3D shapes the containers represented.

The children listened carefully to instructions while we explained that 500mls of coloured water would be added to every container on the water tray. The children then had to decide if they thought the container had enough space inside to hold the volume of water we were going to be pouring in.

Great fun and giggles was had watching the smaller containers over flow with the coloured liquid.

Lastly,  we mixed the coloured waters together to see what would happen and guess what colours would appear.  Why don’t you try the volume experiment at home?