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Irish Soda Bread For St. Patrick’s Day!

Today the children have been learning about St. Patrick and how we celebrate his special day on the 17th of March. We decided to make some Irish food to try and decided to make some Irish soda bread. This gave the children opportunities to learn different baking methods.

“I’m measuring out the flour”.

“i’m going to get the right amount on this spoon”.

“I’m good at kneading the bread”.

“It’s so yummy”.

Gingerbread Men!!

This week the children have been talking about the gingerbread man.  We read the story and the children decided that they wanted to bake their own. We looked on the computer for the recipe and together we chose the perfect one. The children enjoyed creating their own gingerbread men.

We started off by measuring out the ingredients.

“300 is a lot of flour”

We then combined them all together in a bowl and mixed them.

“I’m using my big strong muscles to mix the ingredients”


We then measured out the perfect amount of butter.

“This is a lot of butter”

Once we had made a dough we rolled it out flat.

“I’m rolling it”

We then used our cutters to cut out our gingerbread men shapes

“Mine is going to be the biggest”

Once our gingerbread men were cooked and had cooled down, we decorated them.

“i’m putting buttons on my one”


“I just want icing on mine”

Yummy chocolate brownies!!

Today the children enjoyed making some chocolate brownies. The children were exploring the numbers on the scales through discussions with their peers and started to predict how much butter they would need to use to get the correct consistency to bake our brownies.

“I need a little bit more I think”

“That’s lots of sugar”

“I’m Folding the flower into the chocolate”

“This smells so yummy, I can’t wait to eat it”

What is Healthy Food?

Today we have been learning about different types of food and what types  are good for us. We started off with a variety of food pictures and we then created our own healthy dinner plate.

“Doughnuts have sugar and sugar is bad for your teeth.”

“Peas and potatoes are good for your tummy.”

“Carrots are good for your eyes and help you to see better.”

The boys and girls made a dinner plate which had food that could be healthier so we swapped chips for broccoli and tomatoes because “broccoli gives us big strong muscles.”

The children continued to make tasty healthy dinner plates through out the day and had ‘dinner’ with their friends in the home corner.