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Fun with numbers!


Today in the Home Room the children were focusing on counting and identifying numbers to 10.  After counting the spots on the wooden steps the children were able to put the steps in order from one to ten. They then had great fun jumping up the steps whilst shouting out the number as they stood on it! The children also helped the ladies to make number lollipop sticks. They counted aloud how many dots were needed on each stick and then sorted them in the correct number order! What great number helpers we have at Cart Mill!!

Hello, Hola, Bonjour, G’Day everyone !

Hi everyone Sharon Dobbie here.

Let me tell you a little about myself.

I have been working in Cart Mill Family Centre for just over two years now. I am in the toddler room and I love it!   I have been working in Childcare and Education since 2004.

I was born and raised in Clarkston and went to St Joseph’s Primary School then St Ninians High School. I  went to Williamwood High School in 5th year. I was brought up with My mum, dad and my little sister Carole who now lives in New Zealand and is an Anaesthetist.  Although  she lives at the other side of the world we are still very close. I still live in Clarkston and lucky enough to look out onto the farm and fields everyday.

I have had many jobs in my life a Dental nurse, an Estate agent, a tour operator, administrator to mention a few but my passion is definitely working with children.

I met my husband Allan in 2006 and we finally got married in 2015.

I have 3 children Marc, Erin and Jamie and I’m very proud of my babies.

My other passion in life is travelling abroad and I am very lucky that I go abroad every year. I have been to many countries including, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Dubai, Mexico, Spain, Greece, France, Italy and regularly travel to Majorca and Gran Canaria.  Every school holiday is an opportunity to travel abroad, I love the sunshine ☀️ and the sound of the sea 🌊, my children love the swimming pool and we love to spend quality time as a family. 🏝✈️☀️

This year as we are not able to travel we have been busy upgrading our garden and the house and have lots of projects to do which will keep us busy during the holidays. We have been enjoying the sunshine  ☀️ in our back garden and eating lots of bbq’s.

I like to run 🏃‍♀️ to keep fit and run for charity in 10k events. I haven’t done much running recently although we do go for long walks daily.  Time to think about getting fit again !

I am missing everyone at Cart Mill and hope you are all keeping well and staying safe.  Look forward to seeing you all soon.
Sharon  xx 🌈😘

Staying in and staying safe!

We are keeping ourselves busy, healthy and fit both indoors and outdoors.
In the morning we are working out with Joe Wicks PE sessions  (really a chance for my 3 children to laugh at me trying to get fit)

Getting out daily for a walk or bike ride, using the trampoline or shooting some Hoops with the basketball.

Jamie and I cut the grass yesterday another little work out!

In the nursery the children enjoy ‘Jump Start Johnny’, it’s available on you tube and are doing a work out for children and parents everyday.

We have birthday celebrations in our house today .
We decided to make Marc some very special birthday cards.
Looking forward to some cake later  🍰
Please stay at home and stay safe!

Spring is coming!

The toddlers were really busy learning about how a seed can grow into a beautiful flower. We listened to a story about growing plants and flowers and wanted to make our own.

We filled some pots with compost and added some seeds.






We watered the seeds in the pot to help them grow and sat them by the window for some sunlight.

We will be looking after our plants by watering them and hopefully repotting them in April when we will add them into the greenhouse in the big garden.

Music and movement fun!

This morning the toddlers were enjoying singing and playing the musical instruments. The children were learning to follow simple instructions such as play them quietly and really loud, fast and slow and to stop.


We are learning to repeat rhymes and songs and have fun with musical instruments.

The children enjoyed participating in action songs and moving to Ring a ring a roses and Here we go round the mulberry bush.

We are learning to move our bodies, gain control of co-ordination and mobility of movement but most of all we are having lots of fun!

Fireworks Cookies!!

Today in the toddler room the children were being creative designing their own fireworks cookie! Firstly they added water to icing sugar and gave it a big stir. The children noticed the mixture getting thicker as they stirred. They added red food colouring to one cup of icing sugar and watched it change colour. We discussed what fireworks are and the different colours they create. The children then shouted some ‘crash’ and ‘bang’ noises that fireworks make. They topped their biscuits with coloured sprinkles to show the fireworks lighting up the sky. Everyone is excited to take their biscuit home to eat!! Yum Yum!

Can you find the star?

As part of Maths Week Scotland the toddlers have been busy exploring the different shapes inside various fruit and vegetables.

The children enjoyed using magnifying glasses to see the different shapes inside.

“ I can see a flower”

”I can see a star”    ” in the orange”


“ I can see teeth “

The  children have also been exploring the Autumn tray filled with lentils, rice leaves, pine cones and wooden loose parts.


“Red, Yellow, orange”