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Mini Kickers

Today was our last Mini Kickers session for the summer. The children have really enjoyed taking part in these sessions with Alistair. They have been developing their gross motor skills, following instructions and learning how to control a ball. It has been a great success, Thanks Alistair from everyone at Cart Mill.

Den Building

As part of our consultation in developing our ourdoor area the children have been asking for a den/cosy area. Together the staff and children have been creating a den using pallets with lots of help from Michelle our janitor. Once the outside of the den was up the children used different materials to make it look nice and cosy. The children went on a walk to the forrest area to get branches and tree’s. They decorated the inside with mirrors, wellie boots, plants  and some cosy bean bags to sit on. The children have been enjoying exploring there new area and have been having lots of fun.

Thanks to Michelle for all her hard work!


Memories of Cart Mill

The children in the writing area have been reflecting on their time at Cart Mill Family Centre. They have been thinking about the happy memories of Cart Mill, their friends and the play experiences they like to take part in. The children have been describing their memories to Jillian and then illustrating their own pictures.

Exploring Shapes

Within the numeracy area the children have been exploring natural materials and loose parts. This has encouraged the children to explore the size, weight and shape of different items. The children have been interested in shapes and wanted to learn about them and the characteristics of  shapes. The children have been learning about hexagons, heptagons, traingles, squares and pentagons.

The children have been using the wooden sticks to create the shapes and then counting how many sides they have.


Baby Massage

Today we had our first Baby Massage class in the centre with Claire and Sophia. I have recently completed my Infant Massage training and have case studies to complete before I am qualified in Infant Massage. Over the next few weeks there will be some parents and babies joining me in a small group to help me complete my case studies then I will be offering this out to all parents and babies and will be running these classes in the Family Centre room. Claire and Sophia were both great today and thanks so much for helping me out. Sophia enjoyed her massage and was very chilled out as you can see from the picture.

World Book Day

Today we celebrated World Book Day with the children taking part in a range of different experiences. Zoe and Jo did several Book Bugs all themed by the story ‘The Singing Mermaid’.

At the Arts and Crafts area the children made a shell necklace and a list of all the things you need for a wedding from the book ‘The Scarecrows Wedding’.

At the drama area the children have been creating a pirate ship and dressing up as pirates re-enacting the story ‘The Troll and the Kist o Gowd’.


We had a very successful book swap today and the children as well as the adults all got some new books! Some children dressed up and we had the witch from ‘Room on the Broom’, the Cat In The Hat and the mermaid from ‘The Singing Mermaid’.

You can use your £1 token to buy one of the pictured specially produced books.

The Singing Mermaid

Today was Louise’s Stay and Play.  The children used a variety of materials to create Mermaids from the Julia Donaldson story  ‘The Singing Mermaid’.

As it is World Book Day tomorrow we have been exploring lots of Julia Donaldson Books and taking part in a range of experiences across the curriculum to celebrate World Book Day. We are having a book swap which you will see at the front entrance and there will be a £1 book token which you can pick up from Shona at the office.