What a buzzy week we have had at nursery.

The children have been showing an interest in bees. We decided to investigate what we already knew. We made a board with all our thoughts. We used books and the internet to find out new information and bee facts. Did you know bees flap there wings 190 times a second?  And that bees communicate by dancing and smelling.

We used the small world toys to play with our own bee, and create our very own story about Sunny the bee.

Next we got the shapes to make our own bee hive and we discussed the shapes made by the bees in the honeycombs inside the hive.

And today we made our own bees out of playdough and loose parts.

What a beeutifl day it was today, and we kept ourselves buzzy in our play.
Can’t wait to learn more fun facts next week.
Stay tuned for Sunny bees next adventure.

S’mores and pet shop fun!

We have been enjoying doing lots of baking in the toddler room lately, and we decided to make our very own S’mores! We melted our marshmallows in the microwave, and were amazed at how big they went. They doubled in size! We watched the chocolate melt on top of the warm marshmallows, and then we topped it off with a little digestive biscuit hat and enjoyed them for snack! They were very “sticky” and “yummy”.

After we had our s’mores we stretched our legs and took a little walk to the pet shop and got to look at all the animals. Our favourite was the fishes and the guinea pigs. They were “just like nemo” and “so fluffy”. It was a wonderful day and I’m sure all the boys and girls enjoyed themselves!