Toddlers explore outdoors

With the success of our sports day the children have asked to go back out into the large open space beside the nursery. We have been exploring the world around them whilst experiencing new smells,  sounds and textures. We have been discovering how we can use our bodies learning how fast we can run and practising our balancing skills running up and down hills.
We have also enjoyed some new walks around the local area. We first discussed some road safety and listening ears before we left the nursery. The children were very excited to discover a river near the nursery we watched the water move over the rocks and listened to the sound it makes.

We have also had several visits to the swing park which is always great fun. The children are always excited to try out their physical skills and are making great progress with their balancing and climbing skills. They also encourage each other which helps develop their social skills and of course friendships.


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