Let’s go fly a kite!

Due to the windy weather the children have shown a great interest in kites, they began by creating their own kites. We investigated what materials to use to make our kites fly. The children decided that paper and string would work best.

We worked hard to design our kites with great success they began to fly.

With all the interest in kites we decided to take our learning to the next level by introducing our very own Cart Mill kite.

We went onto the grassy field beside the nursery, for this kite we needed a bigger space to let our kite soar high in the sky, we had a great time running and jumping high trying to catch the coloured tail of our kite.

It was flying so high in the sky.

This has been a great learning experience for our children, developing many skills in the process.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the kites the children have brought home. On the next windy day maybe your children can show you how to make a kite.

Snakes and Ladders 🐍

The children have had a busy day in the garden playing and helping create a life size game of Snakes and Ladders.

The children have used this opportunity to practice their counting, number recognition, writing numbers, turn taking and most importantly playing  with their friends.

We have been practicing our subitising skills with the use of the dice. (identity numbers in a group without counting)

The children helped to re chalk the game through out the day. Tracing the numbers practicing forming numbers.







Vegetable week!

Last week we did fruit tasting with the toddlers, and this week we’re doing vegetable! We all helped to wash, prepare and, most importantly, taste the vegetables together! We discovered lots of cool shapes which we talked about like the “big long sugar snap peas” and “little circles” on the cucumbers. We noticed the different textures of the vegetables, some were rough and some were smooth.  We also smelled the “stinky radishes” and “spring onions” which had mixed reviews for smell and taste!! Some of the children liked the flavours, and we talked about how, maybe next time we could make pasta or rice using some of the vegetables for a fun snack.

Windy day in the garden!!

Today the children have been very busy in the garden. We had some lovely red rose petals to add to our shells, acorns and other natural resources! The children got very involved in some transient art activity. They were very imaginative with some children creating lovely patterns.

“I am making a circle!”

”I made my mummy with red eyes!”

The children were very excited to get a yummy snack of vegetable pakora cooked by Val on the fire! This is a big favourite at Cartmill and the children enjoyed sitting at a distance watching it cook!

Some children noticed a kite flying outside the garden! Since it was so windy the kite was really ‘dancing’ in the sky. The children wanted to make their own kites to fly in the garden so that is what we did!

We designed our own kites and cut them out! We stuck ribbon to the back and thanks to the big wind we had great fun flying them in the garden!

“Mine is super fast!”

“My kite can touch the sky!”

What creative children we have at Cartmill!

Taking care of our nursery garden

The summer time is here and our grass has grown really long, it was time for grass to get a “haircut”.

The grass was particularly long around our camp fire so we started here. The children got some scissors to cut the long grass, so it was safe when we use the fire pit.

The children did a great job and it’s now safe to do some cooking next week, I wonder what we will make?

After our great job we then moved on to pull out all the weeds from our flower beds.

We were super tidy the children even swept up all the sand and mud that was over the ground and on our rug.

We encourage the children to actively take part in caring for the nursery and the environment by recycling the grass/weeds in our compost bin and is something that will continue this summer and all year round.

A huge thank you to all our wonderful budding gardeners we have here at Cart Mill.

Sarah Jane’s Maternity Leave

Today we celebrated Sarah Jane’s last day before her Maternity Leave starts.  The children all gathered together to sing Twinkle Twinkle and to wish Sarah Jane the very best for the safe arrival of her baby 👶🏻

It was an emotional time for Sarah Jane and for us all.

We wish Sarah Jane the best for her maternity leave and we hope she gets some rest before  the baby arrives.

Toddlers explore Fruit

Today the children have enjoyed tasting different types of fruit. We sat together and discussed the different sizes, colours and weights of the fruit . We managed to put the fruit in order from smallest to biggest and the we pointed to the fruits that we knew the name of. We discovered that the biggest one was called a pomegranate and that it tasted yummy!


We also tried some lemons and limes!  “don’t like it” some children said , others enjoyed the taste. The favourite was oranges and strawberries. We tried passion fruit it was “yucky”.
The children were very engaged and this gave them the opportunity to socialise and and practise new words and language skills. We look forward to trying lots more foods and tastes another day.

Helicopter Stories

Today in the studio room and outdoors the children have been super creative, taking part in helicopter stories.  We sat down in a small group and went round the circle, allowing each child to have a go and share their brilliant stories. After the story has been written, the author choses what character from their story they would like to play and with the help of their friends, the story is acted out. We used materials to help us get in to character while we acted out some of the stories. The children had so much fun participating!

Helicopter Stories lets children dictate their stories which are written down exactly as they are told by the adult. There are such great benefits, some being :

~Allows children to explore early literacy and the power of words as they see their stories come to life

~Creates confidence and self-assurance

~Supports the development of speaking skills as children express and share their ideas

~Develops positive relationships within a shared storytelling experience

~Facilitates high levels of engagement

Here are some of the children’s fantastic stories!

Exploring with shells…..paint, sand and water😁

Gail was at the beach over the weekend and collected some shells for the toddlers to explore 👁

We printed with the shells investigating the different sizes and textures of the shells.

We used a variety of resources to create designs

We listened very hard to try and hear the ocean

We transferred the shells into the water to play with, also to clean our shells

We made sandcastles and decorated them with shells….how pretty

What a lot of fun we had today 🥰






Fun Fridays singing in the sun.

What a beautiful week it’s been at Cart Mill. The sun has been shining and we have all been engaging in our learning experiences outdoors.
Today we were taking part in ring games. We were singing some old favourites and learning some new , long forgotten rhymes.

First we got ourselves into a circle, then we played our first game “in and out the dusty bluebells” we were a little unsure of this game but luckily Jo was on hand to show us how to play it.

Then we played “5 little men in a flying saucer”, “5 current buns”  and “ring a ring roses” it’s was such much fun and we all got a turn of playing a different part in each of our ring games.

Taking  part in ring games teaches us lots of skills, such as counting, turn taking, learning new vocabulary, social interactions and much more.

After all that fun, we finished off with Emma’s favourite song “the Friday feeling” we got to stamp our feet, jump up high, turn around, clap our hands and shout out loud.

What fabulous fun times in the sun on a Friday to round off another great week at Nursery.