Let’s Explore Colour Mixing

Today in the nursery garden the children have been exploring colour mixing. We used yellow, blue, red and white paint to mix experiment and see what other colours we could make.

“ I put the blue and the yellow together and made green!”

“ I put lots of blue and a little red, I think it looks purple”

Exploring what happened when we added white paint.  “ It’s gone pink” when mixing the red and white.

“I tried blue and yellow and it’s green”

“The orange is yellow and red, i needed lots of yellow”

The children were using their fine motors skills to use the pipettes and collect the paint to add to individual tubs.  They also used the colour wheel to and learn and explore colour.



A la Cart Mill Mud kitchen

Today the children were busy cooking in the mud kitchen.

The children made a delicious 3 course meal with some interesting ingredients.

There were 3 chefs busy in the kitchen and a sous chef collecting ingredients from our garden.

Our starter was soup with carrots, potatoes and leeks😋

“This is main course it’s pizza and it’s your favourite!”

“I’m making the dessert, I help make cupcakes in my house. This is chocolate mousse with chocolate sauce. “

Today the children had such great fun exploring in mud kitchen. We used a  variety of different tools when creating our culinary delights.  We learned a range of skills during this experience such as Literacy and Role Play skills.

What will we cook next in our mud kitchen?




The toddlers make 🍓 jam😍 Yum Yum

Today we asked the toddlers what we could make for our snack using strawberries. T said jam. The toddlers were able to follow  my instructions to make their very own jam to have at snack on a rice cake. We used lots of descriptive language and used our manipulative skills to mash the strawberries. We even  talked about the changes in texture after we mashed  the strawberry.  T “ It’s lumpy “ We discussed what our favourite fruits are and why. C said “I like strawberries best because they are sweet”. H said “she liked banana best because it’s yellow”   T said “I like grapes best” “ B said “apple is his favourite fruit”

H “Can we make a different fruit jam next time”

Water we going to play today?

Today in the studio room. We were exploring our skills while playing a game in the water tray.

First we added some colour to the water to make our game more tricky.
Then we added different shape and sized lids to the water . The aim of the game was to collect the lids that were hidden in the coloured water.  Who would collect the most and fill up their tub and be the winner?  But we were not allowed to use our hands we had to use the tweezers.

But here in our Studio room our children are so clever, that this was too easy for them. So we made it a bit more challenging . Next we added small buttons.

This was a little bit harder, we couldn’t see the buttons in the water but we managed it.  So we made it even more trickier. This time we added beads.

This time it was a bit more difficult to catch the beads in the water. But our children enjoy a challenge , and using their fine manipulative skills were able to  race each other to collect them all to complete the game.  Lots of fun and enjoyment was had by all.

Maybe next week we will think of another game we could play in our water tray. And see who will be victorious in the next challenge.

Mark Making fun in the sun

The sun has been shining again outside in the garden this week and the children have been having lots of fun.

Some of them found some shaving foam and decided to try some fancy mark making, adding powder paint to make it colourful.

They found some large mops which made fancy patterns on the ground.

Mopping the ground! Look at the patterns!

Some of the children preferred to use their hands.

E made swirls with her hands and said the shaving foam felt like marshmallows.

E wrote the letter ‘M’

“Mark making simply refers to the creation of different patterns, lines, textures and shapes. This term is typically used to describe the scribbles that children make on a piece of paper with pens, pencils or crayons. However, mark making doesn’t just refer to squiggles made with stationery, children are still mark making if they use their hands, paintbrushes or sticks.”

“Mark making gives children the opportunity to express themselves and explore new materials other than pen and paper. Encourage them to create marks using their fingers to draw in the sand, paint on an easel or prod into play dough. Mark making isn’t just for indoors either – head outside with the children to explore the natural world and take mark making to the next level, let them drag a stick through the mud!”

Royal Scottish National Orchestra – Free Digital Summer Camp for Families

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Week commencing 26 July
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Fun Day!

Today was our Cart Mill Fun Day and we really did have lots of fun!

We practised our balance and co-ordination with our potato and spoon race!

Lots of jumping fun during our sack race! We did so well not to fall over!

And of course we saved the best for last, our super fun water slide! We added lots of bubbles to make us slide super fast!

Not sure who enjoyed the slide most, the children or the staff!!

We had so much fun today and I’m sure we’ll all be ready for an early night!!

Expressing ourselves and enjoying being active with sticky Kids 😁

Learning new action Songs and Rhymes, offering an early introduction to music and dance.  Developing gross motor skills and keeping fit.  The toddlers were following the instructions whilst having fun which in turn helps to foster self confidence.

L “I can stand tall and walk like a giraffe “ C “listen to me roar like a lion” A “I can make myself small and make myself tall” H “Jump Jump Jump higher smaller”  A” I’m walking like a penguin “

Cart Mill Gardeners

Our Cart Mill gardeners have been so excited to look after and water our plants and to see how much they have grown over the last few weeks!

We decided that our plants had grown so much that there was no more room for them in their pots! We could even see the roots popping our the bottom of the pot!

We lifted our plants out very carefully and discussed that we had to be very careful not to damage the roots so that the plant keeps growing.

We remembered that we needed to put some compost in our new pots and make a whole to pop our plant in. We carefully put the plants in and carefully “tucked them in”. Then we gave them a big drink of water before we popped them back in the greenhouse to keep them warm.

Our tomato plants have grown so tall that we needed to pop them into a bigger pot. We used a bamboo cane and tied the tomato plant on so that it grows “tall and it doesn’t break”. The plants were so heavy but we managed to carry them carefully to our greenhouse.

We can’t wait until our vegetables are ready so that we can have  them for our snack!