Our visit to St Joseph’s

This afternoon, our children who will be going to St Joseph’s after the summer went on a visit to their school with Sarah-Jane and Lauren.

We walked over from the nursery and met some of our friends at the front door. Our soon to be teachers and Head Teacher welcomed us as we arrived!

We had a tour of the school and then went along to see where our classrooms were going to be… it was so exciting!!

First we sat with our teachers and had a chat to get to know them. We found out their names and some of them even knew our brothers and sisters! We listened to a story and even got to play a game on the interactive board feeding the teddies… I wonder if we will see another teddy later on?

Then, we got to explore our classroom and see what wonderful things our school has, the children chose to play ice cream shops, build with the different lego bricks and draw some pictures for our teachers.

Finally, we met a very special friend… our very own Jo Bear! Our teachers gave us one each to take home and look after, to cuddle and to tell stories to at bed time. The children were so happy to take their Jo Bears home!

We said goodbye and thank you to our teachers for welcoming us to the school, we can’t wait to go back again for another visit to meet our buddies!

Thank you, St Joseph’s!