World Book Day

Today on World Book Day, the children had lots of fun reading their favourite books! Today the children especially enjoyed reading ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’.

We discussed how the giraffe was feeling throughout the story and the reasons why he may be feeling that way.

The children were then able to pick out the giraffes from our basket of animals and identify its long neck and how tall they are in comparison to the other animals.

This weeks toddler adventures 😊

The toddlers enjoyed mark making using a variety of different materials exploring different textures and colours.  Expressing their feelings

The toddlers enjoying sensory play in the slime.  Making potions filling and pouring  using lots of descriptive language .

Spring time baubles 🐥for decorating our room. Using our fine motor skills to fill them and choosing  different materials to put into them eg feathers glitter sequence spring time chicks and rabbits .🐰