Feeling Festive…

Welcome to December!  The children have been telling us all about their Christmas trees at home, this has sparked quite an interest in recreating their own whilst at Cartmill.

Some children have enjoyed using their ICT skills to decorate a virtual tree.

“It goes down the bottom”

This helped to develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills whilst it provided opportunities for use of mathematical language.

“I’m putting a big star at the top”

The children also made use of loose parts to decorate their own paper trees.  The conversations the children had during this activty were very excitable as they discussed their trees at home.

“It’s like the tree at my house”
“I want a star on top”
“red and purple”
“I need a bit for down the bottom”

I’m sure you will agree their creative skills are outstanding!



Continuing St Andrew’s Day celebrations

Over the past week the children in the Discovery Room room have shown an interest in Highland dancing.

The children have been developing their gross motor skills and movement while learning about Scottish culture and  festivals.

“I can hear bagpipes, listen””I can dance like the dancers”

“I have a tartan dress like that girl”

We took pictures of the children dancing and displayed them for us to look at. The children then drew their own Highland dancers and we introduced some Scottish history through Scotland’s most famous castles.