Can you make the firework explode?

Today we had the best fun in our Home room garden. We have been looking at pictures of fireworks. We were talking about the patterns, shapes and colours they make in the sky. We decided to experiment with paint and water to make our own firework explosions and see what patterns ours will make.

We used our hands to throw the paint in the air and watch what happened when it landed. We used different colours and glitter. We added water to help make the patterns move on the ground.

We had so much fun mixing the colours in the air before they landed on the ground.
We then decided to use our brand new gross motor mark making tools, to create shapes and patterns and make our firework picture pop.

We worked together to made lines, spirals and circles in our big outdoor art picture.

All the children had so much fun outdoors making the firework art. The skills we learned through this were mark making, exploring colours, investigating patterns and creative thinking.  We all learn the most when we are having fun.