Nacho Friday!

As a special treat for the children this Friday, we decided to have some Nacho’s for snack!

The children were keen to try the Salsa and dip their tortillas into it and loved sprinkling the cheese on top..

”Say Nacho’s everybody!”

L spoke about a trip to the cinema when she saw that it was nacho’s for snack.. ”I go to the cinema with my daddy and he buys nacho’s”.

O wasn’t sure about the salsa at first, but after seeing her friends try it she decided to give it a try herself.. ”it’s tasty”!

”My favourite part is the cheese”

L loved the salsa ontop of his tortilla’s..

Autumn Arts

The boys and girls showed an interest in autumn and were talking  about all the the different colours of leaves on the trees. The children asked if they could make their own autumn tree.

So we decided to use natural resources to paint our tree. The boys and girls were using their fine motor skills, using the sticks and pinecones to create their beautiful tree.

“Look at all the colours, my favourite is the yellow leafs”

“I’m drawing the branches on the tree with the stick”