Big Soup Share

As part of The RHS Big Soup Share, our children decided that we should make some soup and cook it over the fire in our garden. The children decided to make vegetable soup. We had a discussion about our favourite vegetables with potatoes and carrots being firm favourites! We decided to also add some onions, which one of the children thought looked like an apple!  First we had to grate our vegetables so that they would cook quicker. With current restrictions in place, an adult grated the vegetables while the children had fun observing.

The children thought the grated carrot looked like cheese and that the grated potatoes looked like hair!

The children helped to recycle our vegetable peelings by putting them in our food waste bins. We will then place them in our compost bin to use in our own vegetable garden.

The children enjoyed sitting chatting around our fire pit and watching the steam “dancing in the sky” as the soup became hot.

While we were waiting for our soup to cook, the children decided to make their own “chocolate and pine cone” soup in our mud kitchen! They had lots of fun collecting ingredients from around the garden and filling and pouring jugs of mud and water into our pots, chatting and taking turns to stir the soup. It looked very yummy!

Our  soup was very yummy and we enjoyed eating it together at snack time.

We would love to hear what your favourite kind of soup is so please share any recipes with us!


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