All About Helen

Hi boys and girls!

So today it’s my turn to share a little  bit about myself with you. I was born in the south side of Glasgow and have stayed here ever since.

The picture below is of the day I was born and has my two big sisters visiting me in hospital. I’m sure some of you remember visiting your little brother or sister when they were born too! I look very different to the big lady you see in nursery! My Dad tells me the day they brought me home from hospital I had to sleep in a drawer as they didn’t have a cot for me yet as we’d just moved in!

I was brought up with my two big sisters and my younger brother, you can see us in the picture below.  I bet you are are glad you weren’t born in those times or you might have ended up with bad hair cuts like us!

When we first moved into our house all those years ago it needed a lot of work done to it and my Dad worked through one room at a time. One of my best memories is we had no wall paper in our kitchen so we were allowed to draw on the walls until we got it papered! We had great fun drawing lots of lovely pictures! Can you imagine that, getting to write on your walls?! Although when my Dad went to paper over, the pictures kept showing through the walls so he had to paint over them!!

When I was growing up my favourite holidays were always to a place called Scarborough . And my favourite thing to do there was ride the donkeys on the beach! I wanted to do it all day long and used to nag my Mum and Dad to let me have lots of turns! Here is a picture of me riding my favourite donkey, he was called Scooby Doo! !

I live at home with my dog Bella who is a border terrier. She’s very cute but has a very grumpy face, which you can see below!

One of my favourite times of year is Halloween because as you know boys and girls I love dressing up! Here is a picture of me at Cart Mill in my cowboy and horse costume, do you remember?

Sometimes I like to dress up my dog too but I don’t think she enjoys it as much as me do you? She has her grumpy face on again!

Anyway boys and girls, that’s all from me just now. Missing all your wee faces and can’t wait to see you all again soon. Helen xx

Hello, Hola, Bonjour, G’Day everyone !

Hi everyone Sharon Dobbie here.

Let me tell you a little about myself.

I have been working in Cart Mill Family Centre for just over two years now. I am in the toddler room and I love it!   I have been working in Childcare and Education since 2004.

I was born and raised in Clarkston and went to St Joseph’s Primary School then St Ninians High School. I  went to Williamwood High School in 5th year. I was brought up with My mum, dad and my little sister Carole who now lives in New Zealand and is an Anaesthetist.  Although  she lives at the other side of the world we are still very close. I still live in Clarkston and lucky enough to look out onto the farm and fields everyday.

I have had many jobs in my life a Dental nurse, an Estate agent, a tour operator, administrator to mention a few but my passion is definitely working with children.

I met my husband Allan in 2006 and we finally got married in 2015.

I have 3 children Marc, Erin and Jamie and I’m very proud of my babies.

My other passion in life is travelling abroad and I am very lucky that I go abroad every year. I have been to many countries including, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Dubai, Mexico, Spain, Greece, France, Italy and regularly travel to Majorca and Gran Canaria.  Every school holiday is an opportunity to travel abroad, I love the sunshine ☀️ and the sound of the sea 🌊, my children love the swimming pool and we love to spend quality time as a family. 🏝✈️☀️

This year as we are not able to travel we have been busy upgrading our garden and the house and have lots of projects to do which will keep us busy during the holidays. We have been enjoying the sunshine  ☀️ in our back garden and eating lots of bbq’s.

I like to run 🏃‍♀️ to keep fit and run for charity in 10k events. I haven’t done much running recently although we do go for long walks daily.  Time to think about getting fit again !

I am missing everyone at Cart Mill and hope you are all keeping well and staying safe.  Look forward to seeing you all soon.
Sharon  xx 🌈😘

Did you know about Jo

Did you all know that I am one of four sisters. I’m the beauty on the left.😬

When I was in my early twenties I travelled far and wide, this was in the days before face time and email had even been invented (probably giving away my age here) I went to Australia a couple of times, the first time was for a year so of course my mum and dad had to  come out four weeks after me to make sure I was “ok” (cramping my style). I had a great time there and would probably still be there if it wasn’t so far and I hadn’t become an auntie to three beautiful boys (twins and a singleton)  so unfortunately for my parents I kept coming back like a bad penny.

I trained and qualified as a driving instructor, it didn’t last long, too scary, my nerves couldn’t handle it.

Last week we added to our family with the addition of my puppy, his name is Buster, he is a cavapoo and the smallest ball of fur with a great big personality (the breeder did tell me he was “very confident “)

He is so much fun🐶. I was going to upload a video of him but unfortunately I am not tech savvy  – shh don’t tell the other ladies they think I’m brilliant.😂

Please all stay safe, keep washing your hands and we will all see each other soon ❤️🌈xx

Getting to know Sharon

Hi Everyone! I can’t believe it’s June and we are finally back in Cart Mill. I hope to see all of our children who are going to school at some point this month – we all miss you very much x

Anyway, what can I tell you about me?

Well I was born and raised in the east end of Glasgow and I attended St Paul’s Primary in Tollcross and then Our Lady and Saint Francis Secondary ( but everyone called it Charlotte Street). My childhood was spent going away for days around Scotland with my family On weekends and holidays and spending lots of time with my gran because both my mum and dad worked. Here I am on the beach in Great Yarmouth with my gran and my baby sister. I loved dancing and I attended the Valda Hunter School of Dance from age 3 to 16. I studied ballet, tap and modern. I gave up dance at 16 as it was too much of a commitment especially when I needed to study for my highers. I do regret this from time to time.  Here I am in one of the shows.

When I was 16 my secondary school, which was an all girls school, merged with an all boys school, Saint Mungo ‘s – it was an interesting time! That is when I met James, my husband, and we have been together for 30 years.

I left school and studied Primary Teaching at Saint Andrew’s College in Bearsden. I graduated with a Bachelor of Education ,Honours Degree In Primary Teaching. I got a permanent job straight away in Saint Mary’s Primary in Edinburgh. This was my first class a P1/2.I loved teaching in the infant stages and decided to specialise in the early years so I studied for 2 years to gain a Postgraduate Certificate in Early Education. After living and working in Edinburgh, I was homesick so I moved back to Glasgow to James and my family. I was a nursery teacher and then became a head teacher when I was 30. James and I bought our first flat and we spent the next few years travelling, hill walking, cycling and generally having a lovely time.

In 2010, James and I walked the West Highland Way and raised over £600 for Marie Curie.  It was an amazing experience and a test of endurance and on the last day just before we finished James asked me to marry him – it was a complete surprise but of course I said yes.

James and I married later that year and we had a small and intimate wedding with our families and close friends.

In 2011 our dream came true and we welcomed our son, Logan James into the world.

We moved to Eaglesham in 2015 and we love the natural beauty that surrounds us with The Orry and the fields filled with sheep, cows and horses that are behind our house. We have been enjoying our local beauty spots even more during lockdown and are thankful we have them on our doorstep.

The Great British Brushathon

Tomorrow morning at 9am marks the Great British Brushathon where everyone can take part in a virtual group tooth brushing session as part of National Smile Month! The staff have already done this so watch the film below and see who you can spot taking care of their teeth!
We definitely need something to keep us smiling this month so why don’t you join the Cart Mill Toothbrush Train and brush your teeth! Please share any videos on twitter or our Google classroom. Keep smiling!

All about Caroline 😍

A big hello to all our Cart Mill families! I have loved reading everyone’s blogs about themselves and today is my turn. I’m Caroline and you will find me mainly in the toddler room. I grew up in Clarkston with my Mum, Dad and younger brother Alan, just a few minutes drive from Cart Mill. I went to Carolside Primary and then Williamwood High School just like some of our Cartmill boys and girls will be doing. As you can see the uniforms have not changed very much although it was a long time ago!!

After leaving school I went to Strathclyde University and graduated with a BA honours degree in Politics and Sociology. I loved being at Uni although I am glad not to be working in politics at the moment!

When I finished Uni I went to America with my friend for 6 months to work, this was organised through BUNAC who arranged our accommodation and employment. We had the best summer in North Carolina, we lived in a big house on the beach with eight other students and worked in a gift shop. We met lots of people and it was a popular holiday destination for Americans. When we finished working we travelled for a few weeks. Washington was my favourite place.

I met my husband nearly 20 years ago and we have four children. Adam who is 17, Nicolas who is 13, Olivia who is 11 (although she turns 12 tomorrow!) and wee Emilia who was 4 on Boxing Day. We were married in Williamwood Church. Our time has been spent running children to clubs for years although it’s getting quieter as the boys get older.  We also have our beloved dog called Tara, she is 5 now and we all love her so much. She gets sick in the car so she has her own little seat which helps, you can see it in the photo! My children now also go to Carolside Primary and Williamwood. Emilia is starting P1 in August so she might be in the same class as some of you! We will look out for you!

I have been working with young children for over 10 years now. I got my HNC in Childhood Practice and absolutely love working in early years. I was also a Beaver Scout leader with the 121 Clarkston Scout Group for over 20  years having started as a young leader for a Guide badge! I really enjoyed this and loved going on Cub Camps! I’m sure many of you will join this group and have lots of fun!

Over the last few weeks we have enjoyed going on family walks which has been really lovely. We enjoyed the local golf course and going to the river at Waterfoot.

We are very lucky to have a big back garden for sitting and playing in and we have lovely fields behind us. We enjoy climbing over the stile and walking through the fields to the farm or to Greenbank Gardens or having picnics in the field!

We love going on holiday and have been going to Puerto Pollensa in Majorca for the last 13 years. We go in July and October and absolutely love it. I used to go with my family when I was younger and will never get bored of it. It is a special place. My Mum and Dad normally come with us which we love. We have lots of fun in the pool, on the beach and eating out. In October my brother and his family also come which the kids love.

We also like to go to Arran on holiday or for day trips. My children would all probably say this is their favourite place! We love the trip on the ferry!

Before I go I will let you in to a little secret of mine! I have a love for Olly Murs! I have been to see him a few times in concert when he has come to Glasgow! I have managed to get Olivia to like him too and we recently went to see him with her friends and their mums! I think I was singing the loudest though 🙈 I went to see Little Mix with Olivia so that she would come to Olly with me.

I have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane and I hope you enjoy finding out more about me! I am missing the buzz of nursery life and all your little faces and stories so much. I can’t wait to see you all again and hope you continue to have fun at home.

I’ll leave you with a little video my girls made for you, it makes me smile and hope it makes you smile too xxx😍😍