Five senses- sight

Each day this week I will be posting a blog to help your child learn about their five senses. I will give a brief explanation of how the sense works and then give ideas of activities your child can take part in to help their understanding. Please do not feel you have to do all activities, it’s just to give you a bank of ideas and you can choose which ones your child will enjoy. Have fun!!!


How does your sense of sight work?

A fly darts towards your head! Light bounces off the insect and enters your eye’s cornea, a clear covering over your eye. The light passes through your pupil, the black circle in the centre of the iris, to the lens. The lens focuses the light onto your retina – a thin but vital lining on the back of your eye that is as flimsy as a wet tissue. Your retina acts like camera film, capturing the picture of the fly. This image is sent to the brain, which instantly tells you to – duck!

What do we need to see?

  • Eyes
  • Brain
  • Light

Fun fact-

You blink more than 10,000 times a day!!

Related activities-

  • Memory game- ask your child to draw pairs of shapes i.e. two circles, two squares etc. then turn them all over and take turns to find the matching shapes.
  • Spot the difference- if you are feeling creative you could draw two pictures for your child to spot the difference between or alternatively there are online options such as this from CBeebies 
  • I spy- use colours or shapes as an alternative to letters
  • Light and dark activities- emphasise that we need light to see
    • Use sunlight to create shadows with your hands
    • Cut small shapes and stick them on to a torch to create a variety of shadows 
    • Scavenger hunt-use torches to find different objects in a dark room/tent
  • Make your own binoculars- decorate/colour two toilet roll tubes then tie them together with string and go on a bug hunt

  • Make your own magnifying glass- fill a glass jar with water as full as possible to minimise air bubbles, place top on then put on its side and use as a magnifier. Alternatively, cut a circle from the neck of a plastic bottle, such as a coke bottle, so it is the same shape as an oversized contact lens then put a little water in this.

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