Den Day!

Hi everyone, Lauren here
Missing you all ❤️

Den building indoors or outdoors is a fantastic activity to enjoy with your children. It’s easy to do anywhere and it will keep them busy for hours. It can be a place of adventure, where imaginary worlds are created alongside other children, or a cosy place where a child can go to spend time alone. Creating and building the den is the most enjoyable part of the process and children can let their imaginations go wild!

Children love to explore their creative side, and a den can really be whatever they want it to be! Let them create their own structure, using whatever materials you can offer them to support their creative thinking and spark their imagination, encouraging them to problem solve. Thinking creatively and being allowed to put their own ideas into reality is so rewarding for children and really boosts their self confidence.

Building a den together is a great informal way of engaging a child in conversation – helping to develop their ability to communicate, listen and take turns in conversation, express themselves and put their thoughts into words.

Let’s Get Started!

You don’t need much to get started – normal household items can make brilliant dens! Here are some suggestions

  1. Build your den -chairs placed a distance apart become sturdy den support, cardboard boxes make great den walls, place broom/mop across the top of your  chairs to make a roof, use string/rope which is great for tying from wall to door and draping sheets over.
  2. Gather as many materials as possible (pillows, cushions, blankets), perfect for sitting and lying on.
  3. Decorate with fairy lights for a cosy glow.
  4. You’ll probably want some snacks and drink to enjoy in your den.
  5. Books and games will give you fun things to do.


Building a den can be therapeutic and relaxing; a chance to switch off from everything else. Have fun, be safe and build the den of your dreams!