All About Helen

Hi boys and girls!

So today it’s my turn to share a little  bit about myself with you. I was born in the south side of Glasgow and have stayed here ever since.

The picture below is of the day I was born and has my two big sisters visiting me in hospital. I’m sure some of you remember visiting your little brother or sister when they were born too! I look very different to the big lady you see in nursery! My Dad tells me the day they brought me home from hospital I had to sleep in a drawer as they didn’t have a cot for me yet as we’d just moved in!

I was brought up with my two big sisters and my younger brother, you can see us in the picture below.  I bet you are are glad you weren’t born in those times or you might have ended up with bad hair cuts like us!

When we first moved into our house all those years ago it needed a lot of work done to it and my Dad worked through one room at a time. One of my best memories is we had no wall paper in our kitchen so we were allowed to draw on the walls until we got it papered! We had great fun drawing lots of lovely pictures! Can you imagine that, getting to write on your walls?! Although when my Dad went to paper over, the pictures kept showing through the walls so he had to paint over them!!

When I was growing up my favourite holidays were always to a place called Scarborough . And my favourite thing to do there was ride the donkeys on the beach! I wanted to do it all day long and used to nag my Mum and Dad to let me have lots of turns! Here is a picture of me riding my favourite donkey, he was called Scooby Doo! !

I live at home with my dog Bella who is a border terrier. She’s very cute but has a very grumpy face, which you can see below!

One of my favourite times of year is Halloween because as you know boys and girls I love dressing up! Here is a picture of me at Cart Mill in my cowboy and horse costume, do you remember?

Sometimes I like to dress up my dog too but I don’t think she enjoys it as much as me do you? She has her grumpy face on again!

Anyway boys and girls, that’s all from me just now. Missing all your wee faces and can’t wait to see you all again soon. Helen xx

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