Did you know about Jo

Did you all know that I am one of four sisters. I’m the beauty on the left.😬

When I was in my early twenties I travelled far and wide, this was in the days before face time and email had even been invented (probably giving away my age here) I went to Australia a couple of times, the first time was for a year so of course my mum and dad had to  come out four weeks after me to make sure I was “ok” (cramping my style). I had a great time there and would probably still be there if it wasn’t so far and I hadn’t become an auntie to three beautiful boys (twins and a singleton)  so unfortunately for my parents I kept coming back like a bad penny.

I trained and qualified as a driving instructor, it didn’t last long, too scary, my nerves couldn’t handle it.

Last week we added to our family with the addition of my puppy, his name is Buster, he is a cavapoo and the smallest ball of fur with a great big personality (the breeder did tell me he was “very confident “)

He is so much fun🐶. I was going to upload a video of him but unfortunately I am not tech savvy  – shh don’t tell the other ladies they think I’m brilliant.😂

Please all stay safe, keep washing your hands and we will all see each other soon ❤️🌈xx

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