Getting to know Sharon

Hi Everyone! I can’t believe it’s June and we are finally back in Cart Mill. I hope to see all of our children who are going to school at some point this month – we all miss you very much x

Anyway, what can I tell you about me?

Well I was born and raised in the east end of Glasgow and I attended St Paul’s Primary in Tollcross and then Our Lady and Saint Francis Secondary ( but everyone called it Charlotte Street). My childhood was spent going away for days around Scotland with my family On weekends and holidays and spending lots of time with my gran because both my mum and dad worked. Here I am on the beach in Great Yarmouth with my gran and my baby sister. I loved dancing and I attended the Valda Hunter School of Dance from age 3 to 16. I studied ballet, tap and modern. I gave up dance at 16 as it was too much of a commitment especially when I needed to study for my highers. I do regret this from time to time.  Here I am in one of the shows.

When I was 16 my secondary school, which was an all girls school, merged with an all boys school, Saint Mungo ‘s – it was an interesting time! That is when I met James, my husband, and we have been together for 30 years.

I left school and studied Primary Teaching at Saint Andrew’s College in Bearsden. I graduated with a Bachelor of Education ,Honours Degree In Primary Teaching. I got a permanent job straight away in Saint Mary’s Primary in Edinburgh. This was my first class a P1/2.I loved teaching in the infant stages and decided to specialise in the early years so I studied for 2 years to gain a Postgraduate Certificate in Early Education. After living and working in Edinburgh, I was homesick so I moved back to Glasgow to James and my family. I was a nursery teacher and then became a head teacher when I was 30. James and I bought our first flat and we spent the next few years travelling, hill walking, cycling and generally having a lovely time.

In 2010, James and I walked the West Highland Way and raised over £600 for Marie Curie.  It was an amazing experience and a test of endurance and on the last day just before we finished James asked me to marry him – it was a complete surprise but of course I said yes.

James and I married later that year and we had a small and intimate wedding with our families and close friends.

In 2011 our dream came true and we welcomed our son, Logan James into the world.

We moved to Eaglesham in 2015 and we love the natural beauty that surrounds us with The Orry and the fields filled with sheep, cows and horses that are behind our house. We have been enjoying our local beauty spots even more during lockdown and are thankful we have them on our doorstep.