Time to meet Fiona M

Hi everyone, its Fiona here, I started in Cart Mill last September. So,let me tell you a little bit about myself and things I have done before I started at Cart Mill.

I grew up in Nertherlee with my Mum, Dad and two sisters, one of which is my twin sister. I went to Nertherlee Primary school and then the old Williamwood High School (Oops giving away my age a little there). I wonder how many of you are going to Netherlee Primary this year?
Here is me in my first day of school

I have a huge passion for travel and have independently travel around the world twice, visiting over 30 countries. People often ask what is your favourite country? That is a hard question. I loved every bit of it from the mountains, wildlife and different cultures to the beautiful beaches.

Some of my Highlights would be
Sandboarding in the Nambia desert
Trekking to Machu Pichu in Peru
Discovering sloths in the wild in Costa Rica
Strolling through the old town of Cartagena in Colombia
Looking after Lions, sloths and Giant Galapagos tortoise in Ecuador
Salt flats that boarder Chile and Bolivia
Swimming with turtles in Mexico
Trekking though the Himalayas in Nepal
Relaxing on a beautiful private deserted island for the day in Nicaragua
Spotting lions, cheetahs, elephants and giraffes on a safari in Kenya.

Im sure I could name another 10 things easily but don’t want to bore you.

My dream job would be travelling the world as an animal photographer (if I was any good at photography)

After travelling around the first time my husband and I decided that as we survived 14months together we could survive marriage. We got married in 2011 then decided to go traveling again in 2013. This time in the hope of finding somewhere to live.

While travelling my husband and I lived in New Zealand for 2 ½ years. There we managed a hostel, which was a great job meeting lots of different people from all over the world, but I much prefer looking after 0-5 rather than 18-30 year olds.

Since coming home we have started our own wee family. I have a son who is 2 years old and is now my whole world. My little boy Arlo is very unique and has had a bit of a tough start in life having had five operations already. Amongst other things, he was born premature and has an extremely rare genetic condition which is so rare it doesn’t have a name, you are simply given the co-ordinates of his gene deletion. It affects around 1 in 200 million people and, as far as we know, there is just one other child in the UK with a similar condition. As you can imagine, with it being so rare, there is still a lot that is unknown about it but it can affect his heart, lungs, kidneys, immune system, his airways and his learning development. He is also moderately deaf and wears hearing aids. He is a very smiley, tough little guy and I couldn’t be prouder of him as he battles through his obstacles. Recently he just started understanding and using sign language which is making a big difference.

Without the support from our NHS this would have been an even tougher time. To give something back and to say thank you, last year my husband organised and created a crazy event where he and his work colleges walked 40 miles in one day along the west highland way. Myself and some family also joined in, but started halfway walking 20 miles. I’m incredibly proud of all his hard work raising a whopping £20,000 for the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity. The charity help give parents and children the support they need when going through tough times

Clapping for the carers

I hope to see you all soon. X