All about Eilidh…..

Hi everyone, I’m Eilidh. I started at Cart Mill at the end of January and have now been working in lockdown for as long as I was at the centre!

So here are some, hopefully interesting, facts about me….

I grew up in Clarkston with my Mum, Dad and older brother, Scott. I attended Carolside Primary then Williamwood, same as some of the children from Cart Mill will do, although, I finished high school over twenty years ago so it was the old Williamwood! Since leaving school I have completed an HNC and a BA in childhood studies and have worked in early years since 2004.Β 

I then had a minor mid life crisis at the age of thirty and decided I needed a change. After a quick google of nursery jobs abroad, I ended up moving to Milan.

I worked as team leader of the kindergarten in the international school and absolutely loved my time there. The people, the language, the food and, of course, the Prosecco πŸ₯‚πŸ˜ I enjoyed travelling and visited many beautiful places such as Florence, Venice and Rome but Sardinia was definitely my favourite and is now my retirement plan!

In 2015 I met my now husband at a friends wedding and after 3 and a half wonderful years in Italy I moved back to Glasgow to be with Pete. We got married at the September weekend last year at The House for an Art Lover and had an amazing day shared with our friends and family.

We live in Clarkston with our two year old twins, Tommy and Alex, who also attend Cart Mill, and love exploring the nearby areas with the boys, as you will have seen in previous blogs.

As much I loved my life in Italy I think my life is pretty good now!

Looking forward to seeing everyone again after lockdown! Hope you are all safe and well x