Getting to know Sarah

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having lots of fun at home.

This is my lockdown clan, my husband Cormac, Oscùr & Harley, my 2 dogs which I know plenty of you have heard about and some have even met them at Rouken Glen. They have been my wee sidekicks following me everywhere. I’m not sure they will cope when things are back to normal, I might have to bring them to nursery with me.

I am originally from Antrim in Northern Ireland and I first moved to Scotland for University and lived in Stirling, studying Economics…just a slight career change. I moved back permanently nearly 4 years ago after living in London for a few years, I wasn’t the shopping, city girl I used to think I was.

Although I’m always cold, winter is my favourite season. A few years ago I went to Lapland, it was beautiful with snow past my knees and very cold -18° and I was told it gets as cold as -34°, sometimes colder. When I was there I met Santa, Mrs Clause and their reindeer!

Reindeer shed their antlers and in Finland they use them to make things, the hotel reception and restaurant had beautiful lights made from antlers
Reindeer shed their antlers and in Finland they use them to make things, like these beautiful chandeliers.


Oscùr & Harley get their breakfast at 7am and don’t like to wait, if they are really hungry and I’m not up yet Harley will bark so I don’t forget about them . So in the mornings I have time to make yummy breakfasts, I’ve used lots of different pancake recipes and my favourite one is carrot cake pancakes. I’ve also made lots of cookies & brownies, not for breakfast though!

My dad is the caretaker of a primary school, 5 years ago my dad noticed a duck had her ducklings in an empty courtyard. He makes them different sized swimming pools so they can still learn to swim, making them bigger as they grow and feeds them lots of food. They are very smart because when they hear the school alarm they run to the windows knowing he is coming to give them some food. Mummy duck has came back every year since, some times they don’t want to leave when they are big enough and stay in the school visiting the boys & girls in the playground 😊

Take care & stay safe, missing you all and can’t wait until we are able to go back to Cart Mill 💕


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