Sehba’s Life Beyond a Playworker

Hi everyone! It’s Sehba here today. Hope you all are well and staying safe. Missing you all very much and wishing every-day to see you all, back to our centre.
During these unprecedented times it’s important to maintain a healthy state of mind. Today I thought to share my pastime hobby which is keeping me busy and happy. I loved painting from a very young age, being inspired by my mum. For me, painting is fun, a great way to relax and explore my creativity but at the same time a chance to express my thoughts and emotions without using words. During the challenging time of lockdown when I was feeling anxious about losing routine and being stuck in the home, I engaged myself with drawing and painting, that has helped me tremendously. It is no surprise that letting go of all the anxiety in the form of painting helps you unwind and leads to happier, healthier minds and wellbeing.

I have a small family that includes myself, my loving husband, and two lovely daughters, they mean everything to me and my life goes around them. I also have a pet rabbit called Poppy, who is our family delight.
My younger daughter shares the same interest as me. She spends a lot of her time watching art and craft tutorials and loves to draw and paint using different techniques. So nowadays when everyone is working remotely and kids are also studying from home, we got an opportunity to work together and planned to work on her favourite Artist, Bob Ross, inspired paintings. Painting encourages me to try new experiences and gives me a sense of pride and achievement. Today I am going to share some of my art work, hope to cheer you up! but please don’t have a high expectation as I am not a professional artist, I do it for my pleasure. What has always mattered to me is the craft that I enjoy doing and never think about end results. This is why all my work holds special moments of joyous memories and love.

Another thing I enjoy doing is cooking, almost on a daily basis for my family. It’s hard to explain the endless delight I get from giving my loved ones something good to eat. My family think I am a good cook which I doubted as I don’t follow any specific recipes or cookery books. I do spontaneous and spirited cooking and likes experimenting with food. I tell my children that it’s mothers love which brings taste in my food. My children are a big fan of my butter chicken!

I am currently studying for an HNC in Childhood Practice which is about to finish in a few months’ times. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, a great learning experience for me and love the feeling of being a student again. During this time I got an opportunity to make new friends and also get to know people who share the same passion for childcare.
For me, summertime is the best time of the year, I love going for long walks with my daughters, travelling to new destinations, arranging BBQ parties for friends and also enjoy doing gardening and DIY stuff with my husband. As you know due to the lockdown, we all have put many of our routine activities on hold as nothing is more important than staying safe. Hopefully it will not long till we get our normal lives back!
I want to end my blog with a positive thought on lockdown, when normality returns I hope we will develop more empathy towards each other, will start appreciating simple things and place great value and respect for all our health care and other essential support workers who are risking their lives and taking care of us. Hopefully, during this time our children will learn to notice and appreciate the changes and joys of nature, flowers growing from seeds and trees clothing themselves in new leaves, the value of eating together as a family and finding the good to share in the small delights of every day. I hope we truly learn what really matters in life and how we can do our part to make the world a happier place for all!
Hope to see you all soon. Take care and stay safe!
Lots of love, Sehba