Lisa’s All about me Story!

Hi Everyone I hope this finds you all well 💁

I thought I would tell you a bit about my life story and maybe some things you may not know about me!

I was born in Irvine in East Ayrshire in 1978! Yes I know a very long time ago………….

One of my favourite moments in my life was on my wedding day to my handsome soulmate Jim at Sherbrooke Castle in Glasgow. I loved every minute!

We went an amazing honeymoon to Hawaii and Las Vegas. Hawaii was probably a once in a life time trip! One of the most beautiful places I’ve visited. Although my top favourites are York and Paris 💕

Our little momentum’s from Hawaii! Let’s see who can say our names in Hawaiian language?

Our little family came along from 2010 and are both the most precious possessions in my life.

Madeline who is now 9 and Max who is 5.

I feel during this sad time just now family and friends are at the heart of everything that is keeping us strong and making sure we all prioritise what is important in life!!! 🥰

Since 1999 I have probably (what most people would say is an embarrassing fact) have loved one pop star and one only called BRITNEY SPEARS. An idol of mine. I have been to see her shows in the O2 in London, Manchester Evening News Arena and several times in Glasgow.

When I was 20 I went to a recording studio and recorded my very own version of ‘Oops I did it again’. Here is my C.D !!!  Britain’s got talent here I come…….or maybe not! Well Lisa you can dream. 😂 Maybe one day I could bring it into the Centre for you to hear although I would have to hide in another room when you all listened to it!


My final interesting fact is that this week will see the end of my studies for work in achieving the BA in Childhood Practice. I’m finishing honours now after 6 years of studying. I will be so glad to get my Sundays back with the family!

Max has been counting down the days just now… “Mummy how many days is it now until you can play with me more?”  He makes my heart melt 👼

Well it has been a new I.T. Challenge for me today creating my first blog but we are all learning new skills and that’s something else we can be proud of during this time.

I miss our Cart Mill family and hope we can all be back together soon. I send lots of virtual hugs to all our children, families and team. Take care and keep sharing all your brilliant activities you are doing at home we love seeing all your happy faces. Learning is fun!!

Lisa xx

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