Learning at Home

Hello Everyone!

I hope you had a lovely time during the Easter break.  The weather was so lovely so I hope you could outside each day as I did.

We are moving into an extended period of learning and teaching remotely (for most children) and ERC have put together some ideas and support for learning at home.  There is a learning at home guide and a web links document and both have lots of ideas and tips for parents and carers.

Learning at Home Guidance for Parents & Carers

Weblinks for Learning at Home

I hope you find this in some way helpful and I hope it won’t be too long till we are all back in Cart Mill.  But until then please stay safe and well x

Earth Day

Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and you will find lots of environmentally friendly activities on the earth day website. www.earthday.org
Although we are unable to be together, we can still look at ways to help the climate together. We are all being encouraged to go for a walk during these strange times, which is fantastic for us and the environment. There are fewer cars about making it safer to go out walking but also making the air we breathe cleaner.
How else can we help our world? One way is to plant forests so, while we are all enjoying our lovely weather we could plant our own trees! It’s really not difficult at all. Next time you have an apple, ask a grown up to cut it open so you can look inside. What can you see? Look for the seeds, I found 8 in mine! Take on old container with some drainage holes or some plant pots and put in some compost, remember to use peat free if you can! Plant the seeds in the compost, making sure they have plenty of room, then cover them up with more soil to keep them nice and warm. Give them plenty to drink, especially in this weather and then be very, very patient. Keep looking after them, watering them and keeping them warm especially if it gets very cold at night. One day, the seeds will pop their heads out of the soil and start to grow into apple trees and you will have started your very own forest! 🌳🌲🌱🌿🍎

Bonjour, ça va?

Bonjour! Camembear came to visit me today, he was hoping to see all his Cart Mill friends and find out how they were all feeling.
We are all very good at saying hello – bonjour and goodbye – au revoir but in the video below, Camembear and I talk about how we are. Ça va? How are you? Are you ça va bien 😁 comme ci comme ca 😐 or ça va mal ☹️?
Watch the clip and see if you can tell Camembear how you are feeling. Remember to sing along with our songs!
Au revoir les amis 🇫🇷 xx