Scavenger hunt fun!

Hi there, Caroline from the toddler room here. Welcome back to all our Cart Mill families who have been enjoying their Spring break. We all hope that you managed to have fun and enjoyed the lovely weather. I  know we are all missing the buzz of nursery life and particularly today when the children would have been excited to tell tales of Easter bunnies, egg hunts and eating too much chocolate! (That definitely applies to me!)

I have been trying to spend as much time in my garden as possible and today I took my girls on a Scavenger hunt in the fields behind our house. They loved it! Scavenger hunts are an exciting way to get children exploring the natural world and they add great fun to family walks.  They get children outdoors, moving and engaged in the world around them. They encourage the development of motor skills, spatial awareness and identification skills! All this whilst having great fun! This is the Scavenger hunt we chose to do today. From the photos you will see we managed to find  most items on the list!

After our hunt we came back and had some fun on the swings! Even our dog Tara was tired. Why don’t you add some Scavenger hunt fun to your walks or do one in your garden and show us what you can find! Always remember to wash your hands when you get home!!

Here is an indoor Scavenger hunt you could also try! We are saving this one for a rainy day! Hopefully we won’t need it!

Take care everyone, STAY SAFE and hopefully see all your wee faces soon, miss you all xx