Looking after our horse

Hi, hope you are all well. I imagine you are all missing nursery and all the fun we have. I have spent sometime at the hub nursery and seen a few familiar faces which has been great. When I am not at nursery or at home I have another essential job to do which is look after our horse. Everyday we have to make sure his stable is cleaned out and he gets fresh bedding to rest in. We also have to give him fresh hay, clean water and make his feeds up; he has one for breakfast and one for dinner. Now the weather is better he can go out in the fields and get fresh air and exercise. Our horse is called Star and he is 27 years old. He does not get ridden very much now but my grandson enjoys to sit on him and go for a walk. I have also seen some very cute lambs at the farm which are in pens for a few days with their mums and then they also go outside to the fields. Hope you enjoy seeing the pictures of Star. Stay safe and hope to see you all soon. Cheryl x