Let’s Play!

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well.

Let’s create and design our very own games to keep us all busy. I’ve made 3 games to share with you. It’s very easy to do and all made from recycled materials I had at home. Each game can be adapted to suit the age, stage and interests of your child. I’m no artist so if I can do it, anyone can.

These are all the recycled materials I needed and used to make all of my games.

The first game is Snap or Memory Pairs.

I used the Easter egg box to cut and make equal sized rectangle cards. On each card I designed a shape or number, making sure to make two cards the same. You can choose what to create on each of your cards. It could be colours, numbers, shapes or designs. Using these cards you can play snap. Who can find the most matches? Or you could turn the cards over and take it in turns to turn two cards over at a time and see if you can find the matching card.

Matching egg patterns

I used the same box to make some egg shapes, and drew patterns on each one. I cut out the egg shape along the crack and mixed up all the patterns. Can you find the matching half and put the egg back together? Create and design your eggs with any pattern you want.

Feed the hungry shark number game.

For the last game I used the cereal box to make the hungry shark, cutting out a hole in the middle for his mouth. I also made fish shapes and added numbers and dots to each one. Roll the dice, whatever number it lands on is the fish the hungry shark wants to eat. Find the fish with the matching number and post it through his mouth. Don’t have a dice? Use the remainder of the the cardboard to cut out 6 rectangles and stick them together to form a box. This also lets you create a different spin to the game by adding whatever you can create, on to the dice or fish, words, letters, colours etc. I also folded the bottom of the shark to make a flap that I stuck to the table with sticky tape to keep the shark standing up.

Playing games with your child is a fun way to Learn through play teaching them skills such as turn taking, following rules, shape, number and pattern recognition, sorting and matching skills, developing scissor and pencil control. Creating and designing and many more. By using recycled materials you are also teaching your child about recycling and becoming eco friendly by re-using objects.

Hope you all enjoy being creative and designing your very own games to share with the family. Please remember to let us see what games you make via our Twitter page @cartmillcentre

Emma x