Memory book

Hi everyone, Sarah-Jane here!
Everyone who knows me knows that I love a good keepsake, I found a box of things that I had kept as a memory and decided that I would stick them into a book and create a “book of things that make me smile”

I used a blank photo book that I found lying in a drawer in my house, but you could use anything you like!

I also ordered some photos from my phone using an app called “free prints” and they were here within a number of days!

I have included things such as an envelope with my grans handwriting on it, a photo of my dog lolas first birthday, concert tickets and pictures from trips away!

I found this a really fun way to pass the time and it is something that everyone can get involved in..

If you didn’t want to do a memory one you could change it up a bit and make a book of things that you would like to do once lockdown is over, or even make a lockdown book and include activities and memories that you and your family have made during this time.

I hope this has given you some inspiration, it certainly made me happy doing it and I can’t wait to keep adding more memories when this is all over, I hope you are all safe..

…missing you all, lots of love xx