How does your garden grow?

The last few weeks have reminded me how much I love being outdoors and how much I am missing our wonderful children and our beautiful Cart Mill garden.

Like  Val, gardening most definitely makes me smile and I could definitely do with some exercise! I’ve decided to get outside in my garden as much as possible to give it and myself some much needed TLC.

Before lockdown, Val, Michelle and I, with some help from our fabulous children, had been working hard in our garden. We had harvested pepper, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and have constructed our amazing greenhouse. Michelle has built us lots of planters in various spots around our garden.

Now what to plant in them? Our children love helping prepare food and help to cook it on our fire pit. Last year we had great success growing our own potatoes, onions, leeks, sweet corn and pumpkins. This year has to be bigger and better! It’s such a wonderful feeling to plant a seed, watch it grow and then be able to pick and eat it.
Val and I had been looking at ways to recycle household items for planting. I’ve spent the last few days rummaging through our recycling to see what I could find.

Toilet roll holders – we use lots! Ideal for planters as they disintegrate into the soil

Yoghurt pots – we know our Cart Mill children love yoghurt! Just pop some holes on the bottom for drainage

Plastic bottles/milk containers – I cut mine down and popped in drainage holes

Egg cartons – we’ve done lots of baking, and eating! Great for planting and will disintegrate when planted in soil

Egg shells – plant in them and then pop into the soil, provides nutrients for our plants to grow

So, what’s growing (fingers crossed) in my garden now? I’ve planted carrots, onions, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli and some herbs. My potatoes are nearly ready for planting too. I’ve also planted some flowers in my pots which will brighten up my garden.I feel so much better (well maybe a little stiff) from being outside and I’m sure that’s at least a couple of days in the “gym” done! Remember you can always harvest seeds from your own peppers and apples and have a go at planting them too. I don’t have a greenhouse, yet, so I now have lots of recycled planters dotted around my sunny windowsills.

Now what’s growing in your gardens? We’d love to see photos of your flowers or any vegetables you might be growing. Please share any ideas/tips you have.

Hopefully I’ll soon be able to bring my plants into our Cart Mill garden and the children can help Val and I plant them in our new planters and greenhouse. We’d love you to bring some of yours too.

We miss you all so much. Take care and stay safe.

Love Fiona ❤ 💐🌈

Yoga fun!

Hi everyone!
Sarah-Jane here!
Thought I would share with you all a way that I have been getting my exercise indoors and also staying calm and relaxed during this period of uncertainty in our lives..

First I thought I’d share some of the benefits of yoga for both adults and children..


  • increased flexibility
  • builds muscle strength
  • perfects posture
  • increases blood flow


  • Reduce stress
  • reduces anxiety
  • calming effect
  • increase self-awareness
  • helps control breathing

for children:

  • teaches breathing techniques that increase energy and decrease anxiety
  • improves posture, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, strength and motor skills
  • nurtures self esteem and confidence
  • aids better sleep

and not forgetting… ITS GREAT FUN!

i have been using videos on YouTube by just simply typing in “yoga”

even my dog Lola wanted to join in, she’s crazy!

cosmic kids yoga is one the children will be familiar with as we use it in nursery on our interactive board..

Just go to YouTube, type in cosmic kids yoga, and chose your adventure!

Enjoy and have fun everyone, stay safe! See you all soon xxx