Healthier Minds

The  aim of this Healthier Minds Resource is to help parents find the information you need to develop children and young people’s talents and abilities in a way that will support them to meet life’s common challenges, develop their resilience, and have healthier minds as a result.  The links below will take you a video explaining why this resource has been developed and to the healthier minds resources.

The resource has been developed by East Renfrewshire’s Educational Psychologists. There is more information on the resources and supports available in the booklet for parents below.

Healthier Minds parents’ document final

Den building

The children were thinking of ways to make the home corner more cosy and suggested making a tent and filling it with cushions. We discussed how to build it and what we would like to do inside. First we designed our perfect den….

“I made a rainbow den.”
“I’m going to have playdough in my den.”

Then we built a fantastic den!

“We need blankets.” “I’m cuddling my teddy.”
The children took turns to read each other a story.


Music and movement fun!

This morning the toddlers were enjoying singing and playing the musical instruments. The children were learning to follow simple instructions such as play them quietly and really loud, fast and slow and to stop.


We are learning to repeat rhymes and songs and have fun with musical instruments.

The children enjoyed participating in action songs and moving to Ring a ring a roses and Here we go round the mulberry bush.

We are learning to move our bodies, gain control of co-ordination and mobility of movement but most of all we are having lots of fun!