Warm Blankets

Thank you to Faith and her family for the thoughtful SCIAF real gift of “Warm Blankets” to help children and families in emergency situations.

We have enjoyed giving to various charities this Christmas – Oxfam, East Renfrewshire Food Bank, CCI Glasgow Helping the Homeless and Save the Children.  We owe you all a great big thank you for helping others less fortunate then ourselves this Christmas.

Puppet Show Fun!

Today the toddlers joined the children in the 3-5 room for a special puppet show. The story was a take on  the classic tale of Rapunzel.  The children were all very animated watching the show and found certain parts very funny! The children showed great sitting and listening skills and they really enjoyed shouting out at the appropriate times.

The frog was a big hit with most of the children. Everyone enjoyed the show  and some of our children were lucky enough to see it twice! We would like to thank Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre for two amazing performances.





Iceberg Ahoy

The children were exploring different textures in the water tray today. We had some gooey red jelly and bicarbonate of soda fizzy ice as well as some fluffy frozen shaving foam.

The children loved feeling the different textures. They were able to use great descriptive words. They could see the bicarbonate ‘bubble’ when it came in contact with the jelly. The ice was SO cold and the shaving foam was like ‘snow’. Then one child said “it’s a big iceberg!” We all watched the iceberg float around our jelly sea before it slowly melted.

Ice Science

This morning the children set up an experiment to explore the effects different materials would have on ice “It’s cold” .

Pouring in bicarbonate of soda

They added room temperature water, salt and bicarbonate of soda to separate bowls of ice and guessed what would happen. “It melts with salt because one day my Mum put salt on ice and it melt so fast” .

Casting our vote

We used counters to record what we thought, “soda will melt”.

Using our magnifying glass to get a closer look

The children watched and waited to see what would happen “it’s melting and filling up, it might go over”

The children used descriptive language to explain what they saw “the purple one is bumpy” and “The green one is smooth”.

Look what happened

The water melted the ice fastest today but the salt was a close second.

Christmas Fun

Festive fun has begun in our nursery. The children have had a fun filled week enjoying lots of creative Christmas crafts.  The children were engaged in creating decorations for the Christmas tree,  working on their fine motor skills as they threaded the beads through the pipe cleaners.

Another group of children enjoyed wrapping up boxes and putting them under the Christmas tree. They were using their problem solving skills as well as their fine motor skills as they carefully used scissors to cut the paper into pieces and wrap up the boxes using sellotape and wrapping paper.

The children’s amazing Christmas tree!