Frozen Castles!

In the garden last week the children noticed that the sand was frozen “Jack Frost made it hard, it’s icy” they agreed. Upon finding a bucket with frozen sand in it, they worked together, taking turns to dig the sand out “it’s a frozen castle” they exclaimed! Then the children tried to get the sand out of the other buckets but couldn’t, deciding that “we need to melt it”. So using warm water and timers the children investigated how long it took to melt the ice.

“It’s warm to get it out. It melts the ice.”

“It’s hard, it’s still frozen.”


Out of School Care Consultation 2019

The Scottish Government recognises that good quality, accessible out of school care is important for many families. It gives children opportunities to play, make friends, and build confidence and it can enable parents to take up work, training or study with the knowledge that their children are being cared for.

We have published a draft framework on Out of School Care which sets out what we know about the sector in Scotland and asks questions about what the Scottish Government can do ensure that out of school care better meets the needs of children and families.

You can find the draft framework and respond to each of the questions online here:

The consultation closes on Friday 6th of December. We will not be able to accept any responses after this date.

We want future policies on Out of School Care to be shaped by the people who would benefit from them. That is why it is crucial that we hear from parents and carers across the country about their views. It doesn’t matter if you currently use out of school care, if you have used it in the past, or if you have never used it at all – we want to hear from you about how out of school care can better meet your needs.

Out of School care poster

Parent Pack form

Parent Pack