Big Fit Winter Family & Friends Walk 2019

We are busy getting our plans finalised for the Big Fit Winter Family & Friends Walk on Saturday 9th November.

We will meet in the car park from 8.45 and be ready to walk at 9am.  We will be walking to Busby Glen Park and then on into the the forest to the woodland walkway. This is the route we take to our Forest School site.

We will walk so far along the route and then return on a different path to the play park where there will be tea, coffee, water and something sweet waiting for us.  We aim to be back at Cart Mill by 11am.

Please come along and bring your family, friends and dogs too.  Everyone is welcome.




Pumpkin Feast

After all our Halloween celebrations last week we had lots of pumpkins left over! But what could we do with them?

The children had the wonderful idea that we could feed our feathered friends and other local wildlife with all the pumpkin mush inside.

First of all Helen cut the tops off our pumpkins then Fiona helped us set to work scraping out all the yummy pumpkin!

We had such great fun scraping the pumpkins out and we are so happy our wildlife friends are going to have very full tummys!