A roundabout lot of fun !

Today our toddlers took full advantage of the lovely weather and visited our local park.

The children had the opportunity to crawl, walk, jump, balance and climb developing their physical skills, stamina and strength.

We were learning to share as we took turns on the swings and  were playing cooperatively as we all waited until our friends were on the roundabout before moving it.

The children enjoyed climbing on the frames, balancing on the wooden bridges, climbing up the grass mounds and the stairs of the big slide.

All the children had  an amazing morning of fun outdoors at the local park.


“Look at me, hands up”

”i am climbing up really high “

“I’ve crossed the bridge”

Can you find me ?

“See saw Marjorie doll”






Football Development Taster Programme 2019

East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure Football Development are offering children aged from 3 – 12 years a free taster session at one of their football sessions.

The free taster sessions are taking place between Monday 16th September and Sunday 22nd September and are in various locations across East Renfrewshire.

We have leaflets at reception which detail the sessions and the e-mail address to book a taster class so please pick one up!