Mr Bones


Our skeleton Mr Bones had an unfortunate accident this week when his head fell off!

The children used the Bones book and some special tools to try to make him a new head but decided it was too tricky and Mr Bones’s head has been sent off to the bone hospital for repairs!

The boys decided to do some essential maintenance on Mr Bones to check no more bones were loose. Fortunately everything seemed to be fine!

Mr Bones’s head is off to the hospital and we will keep you updated on his progress. Poor Mr Bones!

Pirates Ahoy!

This week in the Discovery Playroom we have been exploring treasure! We have had great fun looking at all the different shiny containers and sorting the treasure we found!

We decided to be pirates and had to share our treasure equally to make sure we all had some.

The pirates decided they needed to protect their treasure, but how? With cannons of course! We used the big long pipes and bricks to build our cannons, filled them up and fired them off to protect our treasure, Aargh me hearties!