Our creative minds

Today the children decided to use our recycling to make a house. Initially staring off as one child’s idea this sparked the imagination of their friends and soon a small group began to join in. There was lots of discussion around the building of the house “ it needs a roof” and some wonderful idea’s about it’s contents “lots of food in this room”  and “ this opens for the cat”. The children displayed fabulous cooperation, perseverance and creativity working together all day to creat a truly magnificent home.


Holiday Provision – Forest School

Some of our Cart Mill children took a stroll to our Busy Glen Forest, we were amazed at how different it looked. The children commented on how the forest was darker, and greener. Our fire area has disappeared under some shrubs, we could no longer see the river from our forest however the children used their problem solving skills and climbed up the tree to see if they could see the water. As the water is one of our favourite areas for curiosity and exploration we ventured down through the long grass and shrubs and enjoyed exploring our senses.

We also problem solved and worked as a team using the rope, we tied one to a tree to assist us on going up the hill, and we made a tree swing. It was good to be back in our favourite calming and nurturing environment.

As you will see, our children are very confident within this environment and the activities were child-led throughout the day.