Mud Sports Day

MUD DAY !!!!!!!

Today we had a vision and it came to life. Our children explored their senses through jelly, mud, water, bubbles, gloop, flour and grass. The children were allowed to get as muddy as possible and to share this experience with the full Cart Mill family.

Children within this developmental stage it is crucial to engage in outdoor experience, thus experience allowed children to explore the world around them in a fun and unfamiliar way. The children also develop their social skills, risk taking, gross motor skill and physical ability through this experience. This is an great example of “learning through play “.

This was not only for the children but also for the staff. This type of experience is known to provide joy and happiness if we let it and today at Cart Mill we did just that. Laughter filled the air and fun was had by all.

Please keep an an eye on the board in the hall way for more mud day pictures. Thank you to everybody who helped to make this work, especially you the parents, this was a huge success.

2 thoughts on “Mud Sports Day”

  1. This looks fantastic! Aila had an absolute ball, with people telling me how much she loved it all! Is there any chance of seeing more photos? Thanks for this ‘wild’ experience!

    1. Hi Nichola, i will say to the girls even if they can have a look and email you any pics.


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