Making faces

Today in the toddler room after reading the book Let’s make faces the children had fun at the play dough table using  googlie eyes, buttons and pasta to make happy faces. They then looked through the book again to choose their favourite face.

Homemade grape jam!!

Yesterday the children were discussing what they like on a sandwich. One of the children said that their favourite was jam and asked how jam was made. We looked on the iPad for different recipes and the children decided to make grape jam.

“Look how big this one is”

“Let’s see if this machine will mash them up”

“3 spoons of sugar”

“It’s not hard to spread it”

“Mmmmm it’s yummy”

30 Days Wild

We have been taking part in the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild challenge. Can you do 30 simple but random acts of wildness? At Cart Mill we certainly can! Today we decided that walking in the grass in our bare feet was quite random. The children loved the feel of the grass between their toes. Some of them were extra wild and even tried some mud between their toes!