Exploring shapes!

Today in the numeracy area, the boys and girls have been exploring different 2D shapes and learning the names of them.

I know that’s a hexagon!

We have been exploring some new resources in the nursery and using them to learn our shape names. The children were finding the correct shape to match the ones in the picture.

Diamonds and triangles on the butterfly

I know a square, a diamond and a triangle!

National Gardening Week

It’s time to plant more peas.
I can pick some parsley.

What a busy time in the garden, the sun was shining and our plants needed tending. The peas and carrots that were planted last month are beginning to grow out of the ground. Little shoots are appearing everywhere and the apple tree has begun to blossom. It is so nice to see the garden waken up after winter but now the hard work begins, watering, weeding and waiting… whatever will grow up next. Our gardeners are hoping for potatoes and onions.

The rhubarb needs a drink.
How many apples will we get?
We need more mud.