Yummy chocolate brownies!!

Today the children enjoyed making some chocolate brownies. The children were exploring the numbers on the scales through discussions with their peers and started to predict how much butter they would need to use to get the correct consistency to bake our brownies.

“I need a little bit more I think”

“That’s lots of sugar”

“I’m Folding the flower into the chocolate”

“This smells so yummy, I can’t wait to eat it”

The Sound Box!

“I have found 4 diamonds and I am 4years old too.”
“I got star in my egg – twinkle twinkle little star.”
“Oh I found sea shells and they’re five.”

Today in the Music area children have been playing and exploring different resources to make sound from the “The sound box musical listening and guessing game”.

They were singing;Here’s a box, here’s a lid, can you guess, inside what’s hid? Can you guess? Can you hear? If you listen with your ear! Children love routine and order, and this repeated sequence of singing, shaking, guessing, counting and then remembering at the end appeals to them. They love the reasoning and predicting element and are reassured by the repetitive pattern of the game.
The children were helping each other to count that how many pennies or shells there are inside.


Fun in the sun and chilling with the ice!!!

The children in the toddler room were having great fun in the garden today. They were enjoying the sunshine whilst investigating the dinosaurs in the red sand. Indoors had a slightly chilly theme. The children enjoyed some sensory play trying to free the fish from the ice block! They discussed why the ice was slowly melting.

“The sun will melt the ice!”

Jack and the Beanstalk

The children have been learning about Jack and the Beanstalk and constructing their own beanstalk with the building blocks. They have been exploring numbers on the leaves of the beanstalk and are beginning to understand that they represent quantities. They are also beginning to recognise the numbers and sort them in order .

                                                         “The giant climbed to top”

                                         “Number 2”

                                                “Fee Fi Fo Fum”

                                                         “I can make 10 blocks

A day outside …

We have been enjoying the weather and making the most of it by playing outside! We made some lovely yellow gloop today which helped us to explore our senses. It also developed our language through describing the texture of the gloop , “Sticky, slimy, cold, soft slippery”. We have also enjoyed having a picnic in the garden with our friends and develop our physical skills by playing on the bikes.








Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

The mornings are getting brighter and sunnier and the flowers starting to emerge in the garden, our rhyme of the week is Mary, Mary Quite Contrary. We decided to make an indoor garden and decorate it with shells and ‘pretty maids’. We have been having lots of fun roleplaying with the indoor garden and singing the rhyme!

“A flower!”

“I’m just fixing it for Mary”

Making flowers for the ‘garden’!

“I’m going to write my name on the flower.”

“Putting them on top”

“You can be the girl Mary.”

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells, and cockle shells,
And pretty maids all in a row.

Forest School – Week 6

The Tuesday group learned about making a fire with safety at the forefront of the learning.

Then they toasted marshmallows on the fire.


Thursday AM

Thursday PM

This group got to wear our new waterproof suits today – don’t they look smart?

We love to stop and take in the sights and smells on our way to the forest.  The children noticed that the crocuses had opened since last week and were just lovely.

The mud was very squelchy at the entrance to the park.  We nearly lost our wellies in it.

We explored a new part of the forest this week.  It was fun to try out new things.

We learned about making a fire square again this week so that we could set up our kelly kettle.  The children gathered the sticks and built the fire square.  We boiled the water to make our hot chocolate.

Outdoor fun for the toddlers!

Today the toddlers were having lots of fun outdoors.

The children had fun rolling and catching the large wooden reel, sometimes they had to run to catch it.

The children were collecting mud from the ground, filling up their jars and emptying it onto our table in the mud kitchen to make a delicious chocolate cake.  “look ladies its a chocolate cake “.

We enjoyed using loose parts to create our own pictures,” its a  choo choo train”.




We are artists!

The children have been learning all about an artist called Henri Rousseau. He created animal pictures and was very famous for his simplistic approach to art.

Not a lot of people liked his art and we have been discussing that not everyone will like our work and that is ok.

The boys and girls worked together and described what they liked and disliked about their friends artwork.

This activity allowed the children to observe, describe and reflect in a positive manner, on their own and their peers artwork.


”I can make the elephant, he is grey”
”Your tiger is so good Amber”
”I’ve done the tiger too!”
”Orange and black for the stripes”
”You’re doing a really good job Logan”
”The monkey has blue whiskers”