Tasty Tea!

The children have been working hard to prepare for opening their new coffee shop in the role play area. After some of the children visited Costa Coffee, they decided they would like to sell tea in their shop. To decide which tea they would like to sell we had a tea tasting session!

We began by exploring where does tea come from? We looked on the internet and found out that tea comes from a plant. We decided to cut open a tea bag so we could see what the tea looked like inside!

Some of the children were saying their Mummies and Daddies liked to have sugar in their tea so we explored the different kind of sugar we could have in our shop. The children decided that sugar in little packets would be best.

We had four different teas that we wanted to test, strawberry, lemon, peppermint and blackcurrant.  We all had great fun tasting the different flavours.

We decided to record which ones we liked best.

Our favourites were strawberry and lemon.

We are looking forward to the nest steps in our preparations, making sponge cakes and designing our logo !