Cart Mill’s Winter Wonderland

When we arrived this morning we were all so excited to see the garden looking like a winter wonderland. The children were playing in the snow but soon they were saying they were feeling cold. We talked about things we could cook to keep us warm. We quickly decided that soup was the answer! Now, the hard part was picking what type of soup to make. The children said they liked tomato soup and vegetable soup. Since we have all been celebrating our Scottish heritage on the run up to Burns Night, we decided to have a nice hearty vegetable and lentil broth. The children peeled and chopped the vegetables while Val lit the fire, then everyone gathered round the fire and eagerly waited for a hot cup of soup.

The garden in its blanket of snow.
We can paint the snow.
keeping warm in the snow.
peeling carrots is harder when your hands are cold
I will peel a potato.